Sony renews its PS5 Digital Edition, launching this month?

The new model will be the series CFI-1100B01, and is already listed in several online stores in Japan, Sony’s home country. So it looks like it will be around 300 grams lighter than the initial version and will come with a thumbscrew to facilitate its installation and removal on the base that keeps it vertical. It is not yet clear what modifications to the internal hardware they have made to make the console lighter, but it most likely has to do with the cooling system of the PS5, as it is quite large and heavy in the original model.

The first revision of the PS5 Digital Edition arrives

The PS5 Digital Edition was released alongside the regular model in November 2020, but even today the console is hard to come by for a variety of reasons ranging from shortages to speculation. Since its launch, Sony’s current generation console received some exclusive titles such as the remake of Demon’s Souls from Blueprint or Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Insomniac’s game is among the best on the console showcase, but we’re still a long way from being able to get the most out of its hardware.

Beyond this weight loss of 300 grams, no information has come to light regarding the changes that this first review will bring under the arm. Everything indicates that despite being lighter Sony will continue to use the same housing, so its aesthetic appearance will remain exactly the same, but a change in heatsink Yes it can lead to better temperatures and lower operating noise even though they have now used a smaller and lighter heatsink.

For some time now, it has also been speculated that Sony was redesigning the internal hardware of its console not to make it lighter, but to use other materials and suppliers with stock that would allow them dodge component shortages and thus be able to offer actual stock from the console. Nothing has been known since then and we continue like this for now, but of course there is also the possibility that Sony will surprise us all by modifying the internal hardware of the PS5 beyond simply modifying the heatsink (it may also have been precisely modified to change the suppliers and avoid component shortages, which is why their weight has been lightened).

According to rumors, Sony will launch this first revision of the console at the end of this month of July, and there is nothing that makes us think that it will have a different price than the first version launched on the market last year.

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