SpaceX deploys 47 new Starlink satellites, its ninth launch in 9 weeks

SpaceX continues to deploy its Starlink satellites into orbit around the Earth at a steady rate. Yesterday, deploying 47 new satellites, the company made its ninth launch of 2022.

Credits: SpaceX

The mission star link 4-9 lifted off March 3 from Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The satellites arrived in orbit thanks to the Falcon 9 launcher “B1060”, which was already on its eleventh launch. It only spent a few minutes in space, before returning to land on the Just Read The Instructions barge stationed in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is now tied with two other launchers for the most rocket reuses at SpaceX, and has been used to carry GPS III-3, Turksat-5A, Transporter 2 and seven other batches of Starlink satellites, among others. SpaceX does not intend to stop there and already plans to use it in future missions. Launching its rockets many times is a priority for SpaceX and its founder and CEO, Elon Musk, who has often said that the full and rapid reuse of space hardware is the key breakthrough needed to help humanity colonize Mars and achieve other ambitious exploration goals.

SpaceX wants to send a batch of Starlink satellites a week into space

New Starlink mission is SpaceX’s ninth launch of 52 planned this year. For now, the company has managed to ensure one launch per week, and plans to continue doing so until the end of the year. This ambitious objective should allow it to quickly succeed in deploying the thousands of satellites needed to make the Internet available worldwide.

SpaceX has been in the news recently after Elon Musk made the service available in Ukraine to fight cyberattacks. The country received trucks full of antennas donated by the companyand the population now enjoys a speed of 200 Mb/s using Starlink satellites.

This deployment was crucial to maintain the morale of the population and ensure the dissemination of information in this country which is still under the threat of an Internet shutdown. For other subscribers around the world, it should be remembered that SpaceX recently launched a new Premium offer that allows you to enjoy an ultra-fast connection of 500 Mb/s where you are.

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