Speed ​​signs are no longer mandatory on the road

In some areas, it is no longer mandatory to indicate the speed limit in force with signs. The floor marking can now be accompanied by no other indication.

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Article 63 of the interministerial instruction on road signs stipulated that all speed limits different from those fixed by the Highway Code had to be indicated by a speed limit sign located at the start of the section of road concerned and recalled at each intersection located on the said section, but since last year, the markings on the ground are sufficient to signal a gear change.

Indeed, an order relating to the modification of road signs has been adopted, and this no longer makes the presence of speed limit signs mandatory. This should allow some cities to make significant savings, but above all to limit the amount of information to be taken into account for drivers. Road signs are not the only ones to disappear, since some radar signs will also leave the roads of France in the coming months.

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30 zones can be indicated with a simple floor marking

In zones 30, it is therefore not no longer mandatory for cities to put a traffic sign next to a marking on the ground already indicating a speed limit of 30 km/h. If you live in one of the 30 km/h cities such as Paris, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand or Montpellier, you may have already noticed the multiplication of speed limits painted on the roads in recent years.

While this measure is welcomed by some motorists, sinceit limits visual noise and makes it easier for them to understand what the legal speed is in a particular area, others feel that the proliferation of speed signaling methods could confuse some drivers.

It is also worth remembering that floor markings require more maintenance than simple panels, since they can regularly be wiped out by weather and traffic. And you, do you think that marking on the ground is a better solution compared to road signs?

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