Take a good look, qBittorrent shows the available trackers in real time

One of the main objectives that we look for when we have to download any content from the Internet, is to achieve the highest possible download speed. This is something that happens when we use the web browser, or any torrent client as in the case of the popular qBittorrent.

Generally these programs to which we refer and which focus on the P2P networks They propose a default configuration as soon as they are installed. This greatly facilitates its use by people who do not have experience in this type of uploading and downloading of content. But also those who have already worked with this type of client before, but will be able to configure them based on their needs or available elements. When measuring download speed through these clients, many parameters come into play.

Obviously the available bandwidth of our internet connection plays a fundamental role in these cases. The use we are making of the rest of the programs running on the computer at that precise moment also influences. All this regardless of the limits that we have established in the client, for example, in qBittorrent, for the use of the global connection. In addition to all this, the different downloads that we have in operation at that moment may vary based on other parameters.

For example, both trackers and seeds available of each of the torrent that we have loaded, it can be very different. And we must bear in mind that this is something that directly affects the time it will take to download, and even if it will end at some point.

qBittorrent shows available trackers at all times

The first thing we tell you is that the seeds are those users spread over the P2P network that have that content we want to download, in whole or in part. Therefore, if the seeds are non-existent, we will never be able to get hold of that descent completely. Another key element in this type of downloads that we discussed through qBittorrent, are those called trackers.

First of all, we will tell you that these important elements are precisely the ones that are in charge of connecting these users or seeds that have part of that Torrent. These trackers or trackers could be considered as servers that are used to communicate to users users who have available the file that interests us. They inform us about those seeds that have the complete Torrent or parts of it. From there we can download it to our PC.

Keep in mind that the popular qBittorrent client presents us with the trackers or trackers available for a Torrent at all times. Also, this is something that the program does in real time. In order to see these are trackers for each of the Torrents loaded in the program, we only have to click on the corresponding client tab located at the bottom of its interface. Here we find an extensive list of these elements with information about their peersseeds, state or the amount of data that have been downloaded from it.

In the same way, if we click with the right mouse button on this section, we will see adding new trackers that we know of, or deleting some of the current ones.

add qbittorrent tracker

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