Take a look at this to save a lot of money with the gas rate at home

Tips to save on gas heating

Gas heating in houses consists of heating water through a closed circuit where there are water radiators, these radiators are high temperature, so we will have the gas boiler set at approximately 65ÂșC. If you want some tips to save as much as possible, then you have all the details.

Insulation of doors and windows

The first thing we have to do when it comes to avoiding excessive use of heating is to prevent the cold from entering the house. For this, it is essential that we have an optimal insulation system for doors and windows. If you have old windows, it may be a good time to replace them with new ones made of aluminum or PVC. In addition to the material of our windows, it is also important that we keep the air inlet and outlet areas closed.

For example, when ventilating the house, do not exceed 10 minutes a day. In this way you will prevent the hot air generated inside the house from escaping.

Reduce time in the shower

It’s hard for all of us to get into the shower, but once we’re in it we like to spend time under the stream and enjoy the sensation of comfort that hot water provides us. However, this action is making our gas bill more expensive, since the boiler will be heating water as quickly as possible, since domestic hot water has priority over home heating.

Avoiding this high expense is as easy as replacing the baths with quick showers so that the boiler uses less water. A trick that in addition to helping you save on gas, also leads to savings in water costs.

efficient consumption

Many times we overlook that it is winter and we want to continue walking around the house in summer clothes. This habit leads us to raise the temperature on the thermostat, and with it, the amount that we will pay at the end of the month on our gas bill. Avoiding this increase in our bill is as simple as dressing up in clothing that provides us with warmth, such as wool socks and terry cloth bathrobes.

We can also take advantage of the heat that the house provides us to avoid turning on the heating for so long. For example, if you have cooked something in the oven, take advantage of the heat that emanates from the interior by opening the door. Another way to heat the house is using the heat generated after the shower, the steam will raise the temperature a bit, but also the humidity.

Save on electricity consumption with underfloor heating

Although electricity is through the roof, you may spend less using an electric stove if you don’t need to heat the entire house. In this way, you will only heat the room in which you are, so the time that the stove remains on will be less than the time you need to heat the entire house if you had to use gas heating.

Radiators in good condition

A very common mistake is not getting the radiators ready for the winter season. The malfunction of one of them can mean that it does not work well and, consequently, that it takes longer to heat the house, having to spend more time on the heating with the expense that this entails. Our advice is that you bleed the radiators before you have the cold on you. With this simple gesture, which you can do yourself, you will check that there is no air accumulated inside the radiator, so it will be more efficient.

Our recommendation is that you buy automatic air vents, so that you do not have to remove the air manually, they cost about 8 euros for each radiator and will allow you to remove the air from the circuit without having to do anything .

As you can see, these are not magical recipes, but simple daily gestures at zero cost that can lead you to save on your gas bill. Some tricks that only entail internalizing them and putting them into practice to enjoy a warm winter without surprises at the end of the month.

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