Why is privacy not the same as security?

Key differences between privacy and security

Although these two factors are very important for any user who browses the Internet or uses any program with access to the network, it is true that there are clear differences that should be known. This will also help us improve both privacy and security.

A key difference is related to the information. On the one hand, privacy is based on the control of that information or personal data. Prevent it from being exposed so that anyone can see it. For example, maintaining the privacy of personal data on social networks means preventing a third party from seeing them.

However, if we talk about keeping that information safe, things change. In this case it is to protect it. Prevent an intruder from accessing it, without the need for it to be exposed. For example, if we go back to the case of personal data in social networks, that someone could steal the password, enter our account and see that information.

There is another important difference and it is a function of how does a third party act. Let’s say we register for an online service, such as a platform to buy online. There we have to put our data, address, bank card, etc. Privacy would be how that site will manage that information and in what way it may or may not compromise our identity.

Instead, security in the same case would be the tools that this service is going to use to prevent an intruder from accessing its database and being able to collect all that information and also compromise us.

Therefore, we can say that the data security and privacy it will depend on who and in what way is going to protect them. We can say that security is the protection against external threats, which may use malicious techniques, while privacy is mainly managing the data correctly.

Can I improve security and privacy at the same time?

Here we can say yes and no, as it depends on the case. For example, the privacy of our information on a web page will be independent of how we protect the data on our equipment, such as with a antivirus. There, different factors come into play, such as the treatment that the website makes of the information.

However, sometimes we can improve the security and privacy at the same time. By using an antivirus on the computer, such as Windows Defender, Avast or any other, we will prevent the entry of malware that can infect us with a virus and this allows an attacker to break security and steal information. But at the same time, this antivirus can help prevent us from installing fake programs that may have the mission of collecting personal data that puts privacy at risk.

The best thing is that we take into account certain tips to improve data privacy. In addition, having good security on our computers, such as having an antivirus or updating the system to correct vulnerabilities, will also be essential.

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