Tesla Model 3 and Model Y: autonomy up for one, down for the other

New year, new technical sheet for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, which are entitled to several improvements without a price increase. Autonomy is turned upside down, but not in the same way depending on the model.

While the roadmap for the next Tesla products is expected on January 26 (which should tell us more about the future of the Cybertruck, Roadster and Semi), the manufacturer is unveiling the technical sheet for the new versions of the already existing models. And the change in technical specifications has a direct impact on vehicle autonomy.

The Tesla Model Y gains autonomy

The Tesla Model Y comes out on top. The Long Autonomy option improves its performance in the mixed WLTP cycle with an endurance that now reaches the 533 kilometers, against 507 kilometers previously. The car in its 19-inch wheels version also benefits, increasing from 538 to 565 kilometers of WLTP autonomy. The Model Y Performance is not left out with a range that evolves from 480 to 514 kilometers.

The story is different on the side of the Model 3, which loses a few kilometers on average in its Long Autonomy version. While 614 kilometers were announced so far, we now have to be content with 602 kilometers, which does not change much. Any new orders placed from now on are for the new generation of these vehicles. Model 3 like Model Y, prices have not changed. Deliveries are scheduled from February for the Model Y and May for the Model 3.

For the rest, Tesla incorporated a AMD Ryzen chip on the Model 3 and Y in Europe to replace that of Intel, as is already the case in other markets, such as the United States. This is more efficient, but also more energy-consuming. The manufacturer has also standardized the batteries used, which all come from LG and have a capacity of 79 kWh. Both references also benefit from a new audio system, which should be of better quality, and heated wipers. The Model Y is adorned with laminated glass at the back.

Source: Clean Automotive

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