The 3 options you should never disable in Windows Defender

Security has always been one of the weakest pillars of Windows. We should never connect to the Internet without an antivirus, since it is a matter of seconds to end up infected by malware, even without even opening the browser. Therefore, although late, Microsoft made the decision to create its own antivirus and install it by default in the operating system. And, after several failures known as “Security Essentials,” the company finally found the key. And so it was born Windows Defender.

Windows Defender has become one of the best free antivirus for Microsoft’s operating system. It is true that it is not as complete (in terms of functions) as security suites such as Kaspersky or McAfee, but it offers all users excellent protection against threats of all kinds. Of course, if we want to be really protected, these are the options that we should never disable in Windows Defender.

Essential Windows Defender Security Options

Although this security program does not have many protection shields, it does have the basic and essential shields with which to be protected at all times. One of them, of course, is real time protection. This is the shield that is in charge of controlling everything that happens on our PC, the processes that are executed, the new files that are copied to the hard disk, etc. Disabling this protection is, broadly speaking, deactivating the complete antivirus. And leave our computer exposed.

Another option that we must always have activated is the protection against tampering. What this option does is protect the antivirus configuration options, and its processes, to prevent malware from deactivating it when it reaches the system. With this option, it is practically impossible for the antivirus to be deactivated, unless we do it by hand.

Windows Defender - Real-time and tampering protection

Another important section when it comes to keeping our computer safe is that of protection against vulnerabilities. Windows Defender allows us to protect our computer against exploits and security flaws that have not been discovered and solved through an update. To do this, it controls the processes in memory and the CPU so that we can always have it safe and secure. All protection shields in this section must be activated.

Windows Defender - vulnerability protection

And, in addition to global protections, we can also block by processes and applications.

More radical security options

In addition to the previous options, Windows Defender has other security modules that we must always have activated. For example, Microsoft’s antivirus offers us a system of core insulation which prevents absolutely nothing from being able to inject code into high-level processes of the operating system.

The Firewall It is another of the characteristics that we could also consider as essential to protect our computer from all kinds of threats. Thanks to it, we will prevent unauthorized programs or users from connecting to our PC remotely. And we can’t forget about the family options, thanks to which we will be able to control and protect the little ones when they use the computer.

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