The 7 Apps to correct texts that you can NOT miss

Apps to correct texts

The best hunter loses his way, and when writing texts even the most experienced writer can fall into redundancies, fillers, spelling or grammatical errors, etc. The best proofreading apps can help you improve your writing comprehension, detect plagiarism, check for errors, use the correct tones, suggest corrections, and many other features that will help you hone your writing skills. and always be good.

As we know that correct grammar and spelling are essential from the simplest email to the most complex novel, here we show you the 7 best App to correct texts for multiple platforms and devices that will help you detect and correct any spelling or grammatical errors.

The 7 best Apps to correct texts

These are the 7 Apps that we have considered the best spelling and grammar checkers for texts of all kinds. Many of these applications have many more features that it is interesting that you dare to explore:



Grammarly It really is a staple for every writer. It does not matter if they are publications for social networks, emails or any other document or type of text, review it with Grammarly will help you to detect spelling and grammatical errors, level of plagiarism detected, among other functions that will be very useful to polish that text before it is sent or published..

It has an online site, extensions for some browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari), direct software connection via Microsoft 365 or Office, and even has Grammarly Keyboard. which can be downloaded for both Android and iOS which is a keyboard extension that can be very useful because it shows errors while you type.

You can enjoy the basic version of Grammarly for free, which is quite complete; but to improve suggestions, expand vocabulary, etc., you can opt for the Premium version to which you can subscribe monthly, quarterly or annually.



If you include translations to create your texts, WhiteSmoke is the App for grammar corrections which may be more useful to you because it includes a grammar, spelling, and style checker, and a complete translator capable of translating texts in more than 50 languages.

This application is multiplatform and multidevice and has versions that are compatible with all types of Mac (iOS), Windows, and Android devices, as it has extensions for various browsers, a web version, and applications for iOS and Android that you can download from stores.

Although you can enjoy a limited version for free, the Web, Premium and Business subscriptions offer many other benefits that you might be interested in. Subscription plans can be 1 or 3 years.



Speller is an excellent app for iOS devices that offers a spell checker as you type. This is one Free proofreading app that works perfectly in both English and Spanish.

It has a friendly and easy-to-use interface that will help you while you write, giving you access to a complete dictionary on the Internet that will offer the best spelling suggestions so that your texts are perfect.



Ginger is a great app if you want to keep your writing free of spelling and grammatical errors..

This app can be used in multiple ways: as an extension in Chrome or Safari, as an iOS App (ginger page), or as a keyboard extension tool on Android (ginger android keyboard).

In any of its versions, it provides a complete grammar and spelling check, immediately, which includes word prediction to suggest words to complete your sentences and also a sentence rephraser to give your ideas better meaning and readability.

It has a quite acceptable free version, but the Premium version is the one that offers all the capabilities that we have described. The Premium version can be paid monthly, annually or biannually.

correct me

correct me

CorrectMe is another of the best apps for proofreading texts. It’s about a very complete spell checker, fast, simple to use and with a vast database of synonyms to suggest the most creative and accurate words so that you can better express your ideas.

It is a complete free application for iOS devices but it can be extended by paying a subscription to the Pro version that extends to other functions such as more specific and intelligent suggestions, explanations for each suggestion, complex grammar corrections, removal of advertising, etc.

ProWriting Aid


ProWriting Aid is a multifunctional desktop application that helps to check grammar and do style editing. detecting overused words, redundancies, gender problems, etc; that is, it is an AI-based writing mentor to offer the best suggestions and corrections. Upon completion, his detailed report helps him check how readable his text is and that it is free of errors that compromise his writing ability.

It has a very complete free version and two paid versions, the Premium version and the Premium + version. Although the paid versions are the ones that offer the best features, they are quite affordable. Something that is a great plus of this application is that it can be integrated with the most common text editors such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs; For this reason, it provides corrected texts from its own writing, not necessarily at the end of the entire document.



Ulysses is an app for Mac and iOS devices excellent for content writers mainly, because in addition to basic corrections, it allows tracking of keyword tags and the general progress of the article.

Its interface is quite simple without sacrificing professionalism and helps the writer to focus on what is really important: writing. Its analysis of the texts is complete and goes through reviewing everything related to grammar and spelling, semantics, style, and everything you need to give your documents a professional touch.

Ulysses has a trial version that lasts 14 days, after which a subscription must be paid to enjoy all its benefits.

These are the 7 best Apps for proofreading texts that we can recommend you; However, there are some other tools such as Scrivener, iA Writer, Rev, Evernote, LanguageTool, Stilus, Writefull, SwiftKey, SpanishChecker, Estilector, and some more, which depending on the complexity of what you are looking for, can help you.

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