The best keyboard is the one that you can assemble with LEGO pieces

Building blocks is one of the most followed hobbies in the world and if we combine it with our love for hardware, then very interesting things can come out. One of them is the power capacity create a keyboard with lego pieces that it is fully functional and you can use it on a day-to-day basis and even to play the most demanding games.

LEGO kits are used to build anything with them with the famous blocks, you can even build fully functional robots, but what we bring you today has to do with the world of computer peripherals. Despite the fact that it is usually associated with a children’s toy when thematic kits related to popular children’s television series and movies are sold, the reality is that its nature allows us to build any element and if we can combine it with electronics, then we can have things as special as a blocky version of the oldest peripheral in the history of the PC.

Why build a keyboard with LEGO pieces?

The concept behind it is to assemble the keyboard frame with LEGO pieces and then do everything possible so that the different elements fit into the structure of the keyboard. This will allow us to decide if we want to mount it in the form factor that we want and best suits us, include a wrist rest or not, additional macro keys or multimedia control. That is, it allows us to have the most personalized keyboard possible that we want and even invent new form factors.

keyboard lego pieces

A proposal that has caught our attention is that of KBDCraft, who sell a mechanical keyboard made with parts compatible with LEGO that is fully functional, however, they sell the parts separately. That is to say, we can acquire elements such as the keyboard circuitry, the key switches and even the caps of the same.

Other people, on the other hand, recycle the parts of an old keyboard and we can even find parts to adapt in the world of 3D printing. mechanical switches. Either to place them on a base made of lego pieces or use them as keys. How can you imagine the combinations are infinite and to the taste of each one and all this has a high level of customization. In other words, with a little patience you can have the keyboard you want.

The easiest keyboard to clean ever

Obviously, you’ll need to completely disassemble the LEGO keyboard to reassemble it when cleaning, though you may want to expand its capabilities, such as switching it from wired to wireless, or adding or removing keys in the process. .

lego keyboard

The good thing about being able to disassemble it completely is that you will be able to reach any hidden area and clean your LEGO keyboard without problems from the inside and even if you have some electronic skills you can repair it without problems. So something that at first may seem like an absurd and childish idea, but when well executed can become the definitive keyboard. Not only at customization levels, but also maintenance.

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