The best Valentine's apps for Android 2021

As told by Charles M. Schulz ,

All you need is love. But a little chocolate every now and then doesn’t hurt.

But how about adding a personal touch through a message along with that chocolate for your loved ones? Surely you would love to wrap your love in a few words so that your other half knows how much you love them! And if you have a romantic soul, we’ve got all of that covered with the help of some of the best Valentine’s Day apps for Android in 2021 .

Whether you are alone, in a relationship, or with a soul that jumps with even the slightest idea of ​​celebrating love, we have something special for you. Yes, you got it right, we are talking about the day that love is celebrated globally and is called Valentine’s Day .

We have the best Valentine apps for Android, not just the latest online dating apps to help you show affection for your loved ones.

Best San Apps Valentine for Android in 2021

From lovey-dovey special edition Valentine’s Day wallpapers to ordering personalized gifts for your better half, we’ve curated a list of The best Valentine’s Day apps for Android mobiles that you should try this season:

one. Happy Couple – Love Quiz – Best Valentine’s Game

Happy Couple – love quiz is a fun puzzle game that allows you to guess the choice of your partner to earn points. By guessing the answers your partner has given along with your own answers, you could progressively move on to the next level. This will also help you learn more about your partner’s options. Correct guesses would earn you points to unlock new challenges.

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2. Between – Best Valentine’s Day Dating App

Las mejores aplicaciones de San Valentín para Android. Aplicaciones Android

Enter, the famous Valentine’s Day application is for lovers of private communication. Or you want to chat in person or send those adorable photos to your close ones , Between is there for you. The special chat feature allows users to chat privately and send messages that only their partner can see.

The app includes a calendar feature that makes it easier than ever to schedule dates and other important events only in the app. You can say ‘Between’, the application that takes care of all your worries when it comes to transmitting the message of love to your partner.

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3. 1800Flowers – The Best Valentine’s Gift App

It is a Valentine’s Day application for Android that has been developed to send flowers to 195 countries around the world . In case you want to express your love by sending flowers, 1-800-Flowers is probably the best way to do the same.

There are as many options as you would like to browse below budget to be suit everyone’s particular requirements. The Valentine’s app for Android allows you to deliver flowers to any of the global locations via express delivery on the date and time that suit both parties.

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4. Tom’s Love Letters – The Best Free App for Valentine’s Day

Las mejores aplicaciones de San Valentín para Android. Aplicaciones Android

Tom has a beautiful girlfriend named Angela who loves to receive surprises. You could become Tom for your beloved to send her love through postcards, with this famous couple. The option acts as one of the most popular creative ideas for Valentine’s Day and allows you to create your personalized postcard to send it by Email or via the social media channel Facebook.

There are hugs, kisses and romantic melodies in this app to create Valentine’s cards to add an extra touch to your love story. Don’t miss the opportunity to tell your loved ones how much you love them.

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5. Valentine’s Day Special Offer – Best Free App for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Special is more informative than a functional Valentine app for Android. In case you are looking for perfect words that melt the heart of your loved one, Valentine’s Day Special is the app for you.

There are romantic SMS messages and love poems to impress your love . Take exceptional love ideas from this app to impress your sweetheart with a personalized message. Don’t forget to send chocolates to win the heart of your partner!

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6. OpenTable – Best Valentine’s App for Couples

Las mejores aplicaciones de San Valentín para Android. Aplicaciones Android

OpenTable ensures that you reserve a table at a nearby restaurant on Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day application for Android is for those couples who enjoy dining in a luxurious way. While you can always buy chocolates and flowers as they won’t last even on Valentine’s Day, someone else can reserve a table at a nearby restaurant to avoid last minute chaos on this special day.

For the same purpose, you can also use this great Valentine’s Day app to secure a special dinner at the Valentine’s Day.

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8. Valentine Love Emojis – Best Valentine App for Couples

Resultado de imagen de Valentine Love Emojis app android

The application is a creative platform for Valentine’s Day for those who want to spend a romantic evening through messages. The app offers an emoticon for every mood , from the loved ones to the romantic ones. Expressing your love through these emojis would allow you to convey your feelings to your loved ones without using words for the same. So for those who don’t express enough about your love for your loved ones, you can use this Valentine’s Day app for Android.

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9. Tinder – Best Valentine’s App for Dating

Las mejores aplicaciones de San Valentín para Android. Aplicaciones Android

If you are one of those people who are not in a committed relationship, Tinder could be the best choice for you. Being one of the most popular online dating applications, there are hundreds and thousands of people who use this application and know how it works. Here, all you need to do is swipe left and right to view candidate profiles.

This online dating app is definitely a great choice for find matches in your local area and region. And the best part is that also you can use Tinder for free , however there is a premium subscription available that gives the user more features.

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fifteen. Fingerprint Love Test Scanner – Best Valentine’s Day App Game

Screenshot Image

Sometimes it is better to take things lightweight and for that, we have the Fingerprint Love Test Scanner . It is a funny Valentine’s Day prank app that is basically a love calculator. Fingerprint love test scanner app can be used to find your love compatibility with your friends or partner or even family members. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and see who your perfect match is?

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