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The training of students in digital skills is already essential in all educational programs; Tablets, computers and digital whiteboards are already basic tools in teaching and, in fact, in educational centers (schools, universities, etc.) technological tools have coexisted naturally with books, notebooks and other “analog” materials for a long time.

But the proliferation of technological devices is also a challenge for the ICT infrastructure of these centers, especially in the networking area. In this sense, to successfully address the digitization of classrooms, it is not only necessary to ensure the connection speed in classrooms with a high density of devices, but also to implement measures that reinforce the security of that network, so that they can be put into operation. Filters are in place to establish what type of websites and apps are accessible and which ones should be blocked within the center.

In this free eBook, which we publish with the support of D-Link, we explain step by step how to deploy secure computer networks in schools, schools, academies and other educational centers with access control, web/app filtering, student/teacher network segmentation and high performance. Throughout it we offer you general advice to improve the center’s connectivity, but also technical guides and video tutorials aimed at IT departments or companies that install networks in this type of center. Specifically, in this eBook you will learn to…

  • Define the needs of the computer network focused on the digitization of classrooms.
  • Securing access to the network and limiting free access to the Internet.
  • Perform proper deployment of switches and Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Isolate teacher/admin networks. from that of students.
  • Define which web pages and apps can work, even for different groups (primary, high school, teachers, etc.)
  • Schedule WiFi access point disconnection times to save electricity consumption.
  • Supervise the operation of the network from the school or remotely.

In short, if you are interested in undertaking a digital transformation project in your educational center and improving the way in which students and teachers connect and work, this is an eBook that you cannot miss. Download it here!

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