the best websites to create and send your own memes

The different instant messaging applications like WhatsApp that we use daily at the moment allow us to share with other content of all kinds. From text messages, through web links, images, videos or memes.

In these lines we want to focus precisely on this last type of content that is used to give a touch of humor to certain situations. Surely, whether in instant messaging applications or on social networks, you are more than used to seeing memes that others publish. At the same time we have the habit of sharing the same multimedia content that we find so that our contacts can also see it.

However, it must be taken into account that at some point those memes were originally created by someone. From there and little by little they spread through these platforms and reached millions of users. But at the same time we must bear in mind that we ourselves have the possibility of creating content of this type of humor to then share them via WhatsApp.

Although at first this design task may seem somewhat complicated, even more so if we do not have previous experience, it is not at all. We can always use certain web pages that will help us design our own memes and later share them on the internet. messaging platform. Therefore, below we will talk about some of the most interesting options of this type.

To achieve all this that we are telling you, we only have to open our favorite internet browser and go to the web applications that we are going to show you next.

create memes


As its name suggests, this is a very interesting web application that allows us to design our own memes in a simple way. To give you an idea of ​​what we are telling you, say that this is a website that gives us the opportunity to create our own personalized memes, all by using the templates presented here.

But not only that, but we will also have the possibility to take a look at the most recent designs created by other users. Also, thanks to the functions integrated in this meme creator, we will be able to make our own designs quickly and easily even if we have never done it before.


Here we find another interesting program that we access from our Internet navigator to design custom memes. In principle, the main difference between this application and the previous one is that here we will have to upload our own image to serve as a base. From there we will have the possibility of generating our humorous content with it. We must bear in mind that for all this we will have to use an image in format JPG, GIF, or PNG.

However, we also have the opportunity to use some of the templates that the web application itself offers us. From there and once the base image is loaded, we can now generate the corresponding texts that will be part of the memes that we design. Likewise, we will obtain a file in the form of an image that we will be able to share with our clients later on. whatsapp contacts.

Create Memes

Without a doubt, the name used in this other proposal in the form of a web application leaves no room for doubt. We find an intuitive user interface to make these designs. It is worth mentioning that here we also have the possibility of uploading an image that acts as the base of the meme, or use one of the multiple templates that the application offers us to share the result later on WhatsApp.

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