The coolest Xiaomi products that will catch your attention

Xiaomi products for the living room

Let’s start with those stylish equipment or accessories from this manufacturer that we can include in the living room (or in the room that you choose of course).

Xiaomi Mi Laser

If you like to enjoy series and movies in style in your living room, one of the most beautiful and useful products you can buy is the xiaomi laser projector. This particular model is capable of projecting a screen with a maximum of 150 ”, with a Full HD resolution. It has a maximum brightness of 5,000 ANSI lumens, incorporates Android TV as an operating system and, at the level of connections and connectivity, it has: Bluetooth 4.2, ethernet, HDMI, USB 3.0 and 3.5 mm jack audio input and output ports.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S-Heater

Another interesting piece of equipment, especially for the cold season, is the My Smart Space Heater S-Heater from Xiaomi. It is an intelligent heater, as its name suggests, which has a power of 2,200 W, incorporates a towel drying bar and, of course, has IPX4 protection against splashes. In addition, this device is intelligent and we can control it by voice through Alexa and the Xiaomi ecosystem app for home.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan

However, if what you need is the opposite of the previous device, another of Xiaomi’s most “stylish” equipment (despite being the product that it is) is the My Smart Standing Fan. A fan available in two different size models, which has various power levels, a timer and even smart control via WiFi. If you want to know it in depth, you can take a look at our in-depth analysis on YouTube.

Xiaomi equipment for the kitchen

Although it may seem strange or striking (if you do not know too much how far the range of products of this manufacturer reaches) Xiaomi also has in its catalog a series of accessories with a lot of style for our kitchens. This way you will not only be able to make the food, but also to make the food much “cooler”.

Xiaomi Mi Home Induction Cooker

The Xiaomi Mi Home Induction Cooker it is, as you might be imagining, a portable induction hob. A model with 100 different cooking modes and 99 heat levels that we can manage over the phone. It has a weight of 2.1 kg, a power of 2,100 W and a diameter of 28 cm.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle

Continuing with the Xiaomi kitchen products we find the My Electric Kettle, a kettle. It has a stainless steel tank with a capacity of 1.5 liters and a power of 1,800 W. This is an ideal equipment for those who need fast and uncomplicated hot water for cooking, making tea or any other purpose. We will only have to fill the tank, turn it on and it will be able to maintain the water temperature for up to 12 hours.

Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker

Finally, within the catalog of devices for the kitchen, we find the most stylish rice cooker on the market: the My Rice Cooker. In it we can prepare rice in a large number of ways (more than 3,000 methods) in its 3-liter capacity. It will be as simple as adding the water, the rice and programming so that this food comes out at its exact point and, best of all, without worries.

Xiaomi products for the studio

Continuing with the equipment of this manufacturer we get to the office or the study. Here we find several ideal products for lovers of design and style that this brand follows.

Xiaomi Curved Monitor

The first of the products for this room in the house that we want to talk to you about is the Xiaomi curved monitor. It is a 34-inch screen with WQHD resolution and an aspect ratio of 21: 9. We can regulate the height and rotation to our liking and, regarding aesthetics, it is very similar to that of the products seen so far from this manufacturer but in a matte black finish. Regarding its specifications, it has a response of 4 ms, a rate of 144 Hz and is compatible with FreeSync.

Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro

One of Xiaomi’s well-known simple yet eye-catching design products is the desk lamp. In this case we want to tell you about the next version, the My Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro. This lamp has a light of greater size, intensity and with a different aspect ratio. Like the previous one, it has a button on the base with which we can control the intensity and color temperature of the light. In addition, in this case it is a lamp that is compatible with all smart assistants on the market, so we can control it using voice commands.

Although, if you don’t need one lamp dedicated and settle for one of those model options for monitors, you can opt for this Xiaomi model.

Vertical wireless charger

An interesting accessory for the desk can be this vertical wireless charger. Its design is simple, but striking, with a black finish like so many other products from the manufacturer. It has a power of 20 W maximum.

Other stylish equipment from Xiaomi

Finally, there are many other devices from this manufacturer with a very careful design and that, in addition, provide us with a lot on a day-to-day basis.

Xiaomi Mi Car Charger

The first of the accessories that we would like you to know is the charger with Qi for car. This device has a power of 20 W and a very striking design. It incorporates a USB-C port at the bottom which is the one that will give us the possibility to power this accessory.

Xiaomi screwdriver

And if we talk about stylish products, we cannot not mention the pack of precision screwdriver that Xiaomi has in its catalog. This has a total of 24 different tips that are stored in a metal case.

In addition, this manufacturer also has an option of electric screwdriver within its catalog. A device that, of course, has a design that follows the same line as the previous one.

Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaner

Finally, who said that a Vacuum cleaner it couldn’t be “pretty” as well as useful. Xiaomi has in its family of products this handheld vacuum cleaner to take anywhere thanks to its small size. It may not have the best autonomy of all, but its 120 W power will allow us to keep our desk, the car or whatever surface you need clean.

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