The end of Ms. Marvel gives us a glimpse of the future of the MCU

The new Marvel series has finally concluded, mrs marvel (forgive the redundancy). this new project tells the story of Kamala Khan, a teenager who, thanks to a magical bracelet, gains superhuman abilities. Although the series has been involved in several controversies and has not reached the success of projects such as Loki either Moon Knight, the character of Ms. Marvel has come to stay in the MCU, quickly becoming a fan favorite. In addition, and without expecting it too much, it has become one of the Phase 4 projects that is most related to past movies and series, as well as showing us what we could see in the not too distant future.

familiar faces coming

Before explaining what Ms Marvel tells us about the future of the Marvel Universe, we warn that we are going to SPOILAR in a very clear way the key moments of the seriesso if you haven’t seen it, turn around and come back when you finish the series… fools!

First of all, throughout the series we are given to understand that Kamala’s powers do not come from the bracelet she has, but that Ms. Marvel’s abilities come from herself and that she causes the superpowers to activate. The reason she would have that nature is because part of her family comes from another dimension parallel to ours. Known as the Djinn, they contact our protagonist to help them return to her home dimension.

But, in a dramatic turn of events, in the final minutes of series BRuno, Kamala’s best friend, reveals to her that her powers are not due to her ties to the Djinn, rather they are caused by a mutation. At that moment the camera focuses on Ms. Marvel and we hear a familiar tune. This tune corresponds to that of the 1992 X-Men series. For UCM fans, we could also hear this song when Professor Charles Xavier makes his appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It seems that the mutants already have a theme song, don’t you think?

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, we already have the first mutant inside Earth 616 of the Marvel Universe and, therefore, the X-Men can’t be far behind.

Who’s that Girl?

Now, let’s go with the post-credits scene. It begins with Kamala quietly in her room when, suddenly, the bracelet begins to emit strange lights. Our protagonist touches it and vanishes in a cloud of smoke stamping against the cabinet. However, and to the surprise of the viewer, it is not Kamala who we see coming out of there… but Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel herself, a heroine who, after seeing the disturbing obsession that the teenager has for her, runs away screaming ” Oh no!”.

Finally, the long-awaited message from Marvel appears, indicating that Ms. Marvel will return in the marvels.

This post-credits scene has a very clear function, and it is lay the board ready for the sequel Captain Marvel, in which we will have her as the protagonist again, in addition to Ms. Marvel and Mónica Rambeau. What a win!

And you? doDo you want to see the X-Men? in the UCM and check what has happened to Kamala?

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