The F2F Health Matters accelerator supports the internationalization of 17 European SMEs to Canada

The beneficiary SMEs of the grants called by the internationalization accelerator, F2F Health Matters, in which the Galician Food Cluster (Clusaga) participates, have already been selected by the project consortium. This first call, whose destination country is Canadaoffers companies the opportunity to expand their business and internationalize, through three types of support: “Commercial Lead Support”, “Travel Aid” and and “Elite” Program.

Commercial Lead Support

This project consists of the financing of personalized consulting services of commercial prospecting on the destination countries, Canada in the case of this first call. Through this internationalization support, SMEs will receive personalized support from external providers with excellent knowledge of the market.

The SMEs selected for this type of aid are see pharma (Belgium), Danesti Alimentação, lda (Portugal), CIRCUL’EGG (France), HUMAC sro (Slovakia) and Anta honeys (Spain).

Travel Aid

It is a €2,000 contribution for travel and subsistence expenses derived from participation in the collective internationalization mission to Canada. SMEs will be supported to meet potential business partners, which could lead to new business deals and promising collaborations.

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The SMEs selected in this case are Belgian LINATELLE SRL, Bella Vie and Tilman sa; the Portuguese Occidens – Expertevasion and Ramirez & Cª (Filhos), S.A..; the French BIOGROUPE, Agogo and Archiethe Slovaks DIVAS drink INTERNATIONAL as and HAPPYLIFE sro; and the Spanish Innolact (Quescrem) and Healthinfoods.

Elite Program

All the selected SMEs are part of the “Elite” training and preparation program, which will offer training courses for the Canadian market, training and access to a community dedicated to SMEs.

The next call for aid for the internationalization of the European project F2F Health Matters is scheduled for fall 2022.

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