The great lack of the iPhone 13 is confirmed again

Why won’t the iPhone 13 bring Touch ID?

One problem that exists with leaks, especially when they are very early, is that they can be totally true and yet not end up becoming a reality due to a change in company plans. We do not know if this is what has happened with Touch ID, but it has all the earmarks. Several analysts claimed that it would return under the screen of the iPhone 13 and it was even said that the system would be very advanced and the fastest on the market.

Taking into account that it is one of the most anticipated returns by users, it was not surprising that for many it could even be a reason for buying new smartphones. However, a few months ago other sources came to confirm that Apple had backed down and finally would not incorporate any type of fingerprint reader. Not even on the side button as it happened on the iPad Air and as it seems will happen with the renewed sixth generation iPad mini.

Mark Gurman, who has earned a good reputation with his predictions, also predicts the absence of this element in the last bulletin of his newsletter. The reason why Apple discards this, according to the analyst, is to be able to successfully develop an under-screen Face ID that manages to completely eliminate the notch. Although this would not come this year, since only a reduction of the eyebrow characteristic is expected for the iPhone 13.

And yes, it is true that vaccination against COVID-19 is progressing faster around the world and the need to wear a mask to keep the days numbered. If we take into account that the iPhone 13 will be a phone that will go on for a long time in the case of many users, it is true that it is not seen as a priority as it would have been in the iPhone 12, in which it was not even in time to plan it . In any case, there are many who, despite the effectiveness of Face ID, continue to miss a different unlocking option for circumstances in which they do not have the iPhone in front of their faces.

There is less to put a full face to the new iPhone

If there were a technological saints and these were applied to months and not to days, we could say that September would be San iPhone. The ninth month of the year has been chosen by Apple for the presentation of the vast majority of its smartphones, except for its first five generations and the last, which was delayed by the pandemic.

The company is expected to broadcast a pre-recorded event this coming month to unveil its new flagships. In fact, it is expected that even the launch will take place in that same month, so we would already start the autumn being able to have these new smartphones in hand. Several sources point to the third week of September for the broadcast of this event, so we will remain vigilant despite the fact that the announcement would not occur until 7 days were missing.

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