The ideal IKEA desk to work with your partner from home

If you were one of them and you still don’t know how to work comfortably from home or would like to do it, then this may interest you. These are basic tips, but it never hurts to remember them again to avoid future problems:

  1. Work together, but find time alone. No matter how well you are with the other person, it is necessary to have intimate moments in which you only listen to yourself or do what you like so much. As they say in other cases: disconnecting helps to connect better later
  2. Respect the needs of the other. Everyone has a series of needs when working and it is important to respect them. If one likes to work listening to music and the other does not, it will be necessary to find a middle ground or use True Wireless headphones for example. And so with the rest of the things that could generate differences and discomfort, because knowing how to adapt is important to have a good environment
  3. Create a suitable space. In the same way that when one works alone from home it is important to have a comfortable workspace, when it is done as a couple it is even more so. Creating an area that helps this and even differentiating leisure from what is work helps

From here we could add many tips, some of them identical to when you work only from home. However, taking into account that many depend on the attitude of the person, we will focus on the last point. Because there we can help you with concrete things so that you can build a ideal setup to work as a couple.

Work side by side or face to face

Depending on the space in the room where you have decided to work together, you can establish one type of desk or another. So let’s put ourselves in the situation where you work side by side or face to face.

Wide desk to work side by side

If your room allows you a wide enough width to be able to place two desks, side by side, and that is not a problem for either, then go for it. In addition, you can easily create your own table.

You can choose, for example, for the kitchen countertops from IKEA. These can be placed on top of some Alex-type drawers or similar. Depending on whether you use one with a maximum length of 246 cm or two, you can place several drawers.

Of course, as an advice, whether or not you put drawers, you will have to help yourself with the use of a leg so that the countertop does not give in the center or the ends due to its own weight or that of the equipment that you place on it.

For example, you can put two Alex drawers of the narrow ones on the sides or one of the wide ones in the center and legs or trestle where there are none. It is already a question to see options and storage needs if there are any.

By the way, on chair issues feel free to choose the one that is most comfortable for you. At the end of the day, there are many options and it will depend on the time you spend in front of the desk, if you maintain a more active or relaxed posture, etc.

Desk to work face to face

IKEA desk

At Ikea there is no such thing as a desk for place two jobsHowever, there are some tables that, due to their width and depth, could allow two users to be placed, one in front of the other. The only problem is, they might both be a bit awkward if they need a little extra space.

For this reason, the best solution is to combine two individual desks of the many that exist or two tables that allow you to work standing up and sitting down. The latter can be very attractive to keep changing position.

In the same way, you can use some screens that IKEA sells and that allow you to separate one position from another. This avoids possible distractions or adds advantages such as a place to place notes or even write by using a white board with indelible markers.

For example, TROTTEN panels They are one of these options that, on the one hand, allow you to click notes and, on the other, take notes with a marker. So it is a question of how to take better advantage of them.

Functional lighting for everyone

Lighting needs are not always the same for one person or another, hence having one of their own for each plus the general one is interesting. A gooseneck is always the best option for this and TERTIAL from IKEA They are the most functional that you can find at the same time cheap.

If you accompany these lamps with smart bulbs that you can regulate in intensity and even color, all the better. Although if you take a pass through the lighting section you will see that there are other types of LED lights that could be interested. However, our favorite has always been this.

A multiple wireless charging dock

Taking into account that wireless chargers have become very popular and that the devices that support this type of charging already range from mobile phones to true wireless headphones, having one never hurts.

If you are going to place a Qi charging base on a desk where two people work, it better be a multiple one. This way you avoid a second base. IKEA has a wireless charging base triple that you can take advantage of for mobile phones, headphones, etc.

Order on the desk

When sharing a desk, whether it is working with someone next to you or in front of it, it is important that there is order so that no one is affected by it. Therefore, some boxes with several compartments or drawers that are placed on the table can be useful.

An example that also functions as a screen lifter is this monitor base with drawer ELLOVEN. It is quite practical, takes up little space and allows you to organize small everyday objects and even store the keyboard when you are not using it and save space.

Other accessories for working as a couple

From here there are many accessories that are valid for both individual and couple workspaces. The important thing is that everything that is going to be placed can serve both, thus avoiding duplication. For example, charging bases as we saw or storage spaces for common materials.

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