The iPhone 15 will finally have the feature you were looking forward to seeing (and with a record)

We have been criticizing Apple for years for not offering a screen with bevels appropriate to the times, but it seems that the manufacturer is willing to make the leap, and as it usually does, it will do so by hitting the table firmly. And it seems that the iPhone 15 will finally bring a screen with fairly small bezels, so much so that everything indicates that it will be the phone with the highest screen share.

iPhone 15: all screen

iPhone 13 Pro and Max

The latest rumor that has leaked around the next Apple phone is related to the most attractive part of the terminal: the screen. According to the well-known leaker Ice Universe, he iPhone 15 Pro Max will offer an extremely reduced bezel which will far exceed the 1.81 millimeters of the Xiaomi 13, since according to what he says, Apple will manage to reduce it to 1.55 millimeters.

If we take into account that the bezel of the iPhone 14 Pro is 2.17 millimeters and that of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is 1.81 millimeters, we can intuit that the change will be quite aggressive, but if we also take into account that it would be the screen with higher rate of usewe would be talking about a tremendously immersive front.

Finally the bevels we wanted

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

The history of iPhone bezels has accumulated many anecdotes in recent years. There are many users who were still not happy with the appearance of the screen, since options from other brands had much more advanced designs with bezels that were practically imperceptible.

While some manufacturers offered solutions with curved edges, Apple continued to bet on the flat screen, and when it came to bezels, it seemed that the manufacturer was maintaining the same position. However, as technology has advanced, continuing to offer such obvious frameworks made no sense. The iPhone 14 itself feels old and outdated from the look of the bezels, especially when compared head-to-head with every other high-end model on the market.

And the rounded edges

There is also talk that the termination of the glass will present rounded edges as already happened in the iPhone 11. This finish allows for a more pleasant grip, although it also implies changes in the current design, since the very straight ends of the iPhone 14 would be lost.

At the moment these are the new clues regarding the design of the iPhone 15, so we will have to continue waiting for more details to be able to continue putting a face to the next Apple flagship.

Fountain: Ice Universe
Via: MacRumors

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