The iPhone trick to know who is calling you only with the vibration

Advantages of using a custom vibration

When you have many messages a day, it is interesting to know how to filter those that are most important. Normally, there are certain people that we have on our agenda who can always send us more relevant messages. In order to know that the message that is entering when the mobile is silent is from a specific person, this vibration can be used, which is personalized.

Where can it be applied?

There are many parts of the operating system where vibration customization can be performed as such. You must distinguish the general and individual use. The latter is designed to be applied to very specific contacts. But in the case that the change is applied in a general way to an entire part of the system, the notifications to which the vibration can be edited are the following:

  • Ringtone.
  • Message tone.
  • Voicemail.
  • New mail.
  • Email sent.
  • Calendar notices.
  • Reminder notices.

Although, it is not a perfect system. You can find some important shortcomings that make the customization not complete. In this sense, you may miss the fact that discriminate by applications in order to receive these personalized vibrations. Thus, when a message arrives on WhatsApp, it could vibrate in a specific way, but it is something that cannot be achieved natively, having to opt for third-party applications.

How can they be created

Once you have knowledge of how this customization configuration can help you on a day-to-day basis, it is time for you to carry them out. You should know that when creating them you must choose if you want to apply it in a general way in an entire section of the system that we have commented before, or only in a specific contact. The process will vary depending on what is chosen.

Apply it generally in the configuration

The most common thing to do with this setting is to apply it in a general way. That is, both to all notifications and to all calls as we have previously detailed. In this sense, the configuration is carried out from the Settings application by entering the Notifications section. Specifically, the steps that you must follow to carry out this customization are as follows:

  1. Go to Settings and access the section Sounds and vibration.
  2. Select the option Ringtone or whatever you want to modify.
  3. Tap on Vibration.
  4. At the bottom select the option Create new vibration.
  5. Click on the screen to create a very specific sequence. Remember to select Stop when finished.
  6. If you want to re-record the vibration, you must press on Repeat or on Play to listen to it previously.
  7. Click Save and give the sequence a name.


Keep in mind that once you have recorded the personalized vibration in one of the sections such as Ringtone, it can be applied in others such as Messages quickly. You only have to access this specific section and when you enter the vibration section you will be able to select the name of that recording that you have previously made. Although you can also create a new pattern in each of the notification systems that exist.

Create it for a specific contact

It is quite common to have a specific ringtone or notification tone for a special person. In this way, when that sound sounds, it is known at the moment who is making the call or who has sent the message, to know if it may be urgent or not. But sometimes the sound is not always activated and this distinction can be made through the vibration that will be felt in the bag or pants where you have the mobile. In order to assign a custom vibration to a contact, you simply have to follow the following steps.

  1. Access the application Contacts (edit).
  2. Find the contact on which you want to apply the custom vibration.
  3. Click on it to access the card with all the relevant information.
  4. Within all these data, look for the section entitled Ringtone, which will have a default tone in most cases.
  5. When accessing this section, click on Vibration.
  6. At the bottom of the window that pops up choose Create new vibration.
  7. Lift and rest your finger on the screen throughout the entire time frame to create your custom vibration.
  8. Click on Play to check it, on Record to repeat it or in the upper right corner on Save to associate it.
  9. Go back and click on Ok at the top right.


From this moment on, only the contact to which you have linked this vibration when it calls you will make this pattern that you have chosen sound. In the case of the rest of the contacts, the default vibration will continue to remain, or any other that you have chosen.

The faults that can occur

Although it may seem like a really straightforward setup process on the iPhone, there can also be some relevant issues. One of the most common when setup is finished is that don’t sound the vibration. In these cases, you should always make sure that you have the vibration section active in the general settings of the sounds. This is completely logical, since the custom vibration will not sound in the event that the mobile only has the sound active.

We must also bear in mind the bugs that can occur in this section of the configuration. One of the most frequent that you will find is that the custom vibration that you have chosen yourself will not be saved satisfactorily and the default vibration will continue to be set. Faced with this operating system bug situation, you will have to start over from scratch to create it entirely again. This will be achieved by choosing a different one from the list of vibrations, and following the steps that we have exposed throughout this article.

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