The LEGO cube from Super Mario 64 has a secret inside

A bucket of surprises

The new set Super Mario 64? Block He surprised LEGO and Nintendo fans with a very particular construction. Shaped like a question mark cube (the unmistakable block that was released with the first Super Mario Bros on the NES), this construction hides inside a miniature recreation of some of the most iconic levels of Super Mario 64, but apparently, it seems that LEGO had hidden a surprise that we could only see if we assembled the cube.

That is what the web has revealed BrickSet, that after receiving a unit of the new set, he rushed to assemble it to be able to comment on all the news and curiosities that it offers. One of the novelties is the incorporation of a rounded piece for the corners of the cube, a completely new piece that has been created especially for the set. It is a 2 × 2 block with a rounded corner that comes in yellow.

Actual measurements

LEGO Super Mario 64

The cube in question measures 17 x 17 centimeters, and it could pass through a completely solid cube, since its appearance does not reveal the opening system that it hides. This is where the first big surprise begins, since as we had seen in the official video, one of the sides opens to allow it to rotate and reveal the mini-world that is hidden inside.

With this piece unfolded, the cube can be closed again to fully open the mini-world and show all the levels created, with Peach’s castle as the main attraction.

A secret to discover

LEGO cube Mario Bowser

If the construction already seemed surprising to you with all its complexity, at the time we already asked ourselves if LEGO had hidden some other detail inside, since the space occupied by the mini-world did not seem enough to occupy all the inside the cube. Well, BrickSet has published some images with which it reveals the best kept secret of LEGO. Bowser is hidden inside!

As we can see, a drop-down table hidden in one of the sides reveals Mario’s greatest enemy, who in turn is in charge of opening a secret hatch that unfolds the final stage in which Mario and Bowser face each other at the end of the game. play. And it is that after seeing all the elements and characters that the set offered, it was clear that Bowser could not be missing!

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