The most anticipated browser to improve privacy is here

We all know browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, the range of options is very wide and we have many more available, both for computer and mobile devices. Not all are the same and a very important factor to choose is how they keep our security and personal data. In this sense, many expected that DuckDuckGo will launch your privacy-based browser for computer.

DuckDuckGo allows you to browse with more privacy

DuckDuckGo is closely related to Privacy. It has one of the best known and most used private search engines. In recent times, it has also offered an application for mobile devices, to be able to search and navigate. However, there was something that many users demanded: a browser to use on the computer.

It seems that day has already come and DuckDuckGo is going to offer a desktop version to be able to surf the Internet. As always, privacy is going to be the central point. It is something that we value more and more, since our personal data often ends up in the wrong hands and can be used for Spam campaigns or even launch computer attacks.

As reported from DuckDuckGo, the main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis browser is to provide the user with everything related to privacy. They will not have to configure anything, since everything will come ready as standard, with all the data protection when searching or entering any website.

They trust that it is not only “the private browser”, but that it really is the one that users use in their day to day, as a real alternative to other more used ones such as Chrome or Firefox. To achieve this, they ensure that your browser is more clean and fast than, for example, the Google browser.

Definitive version in no time

At the moment, DuckDuckGo’s desktop browser is in a Closed beta for macOS systems. The CEO of the company has announced that in a short time it will also be available for Windows, which after all is the most used OS in computers.

Although it is already a reality that DuckDuckGo is finally going to offer a private browser for desktop users, we will have to wait a little longer to download and use it in its final version. However, it is something that we hope will be soon, since it is a program that will undoubtedly contribute a lot to all those who seek improve privacy when browsing.

From DuckDuckGo they have reported that they work so that, in a short time, it is available for the different computer operating systems. At the moment we can use its version adapted to mobile devices.

It is important to choose the best browser for privacy. The truth is that not all of them are going to protect our data in the same way and, as when we use a search engine or any online service, we must check that our personal data is not in danger. Regardless of this new browser, we can use other options that also keep the data safe or even correctly configure the one we already use.

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