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Asus has been present in the video game world through its ROG brand for years now, and CES 2022 shows it once again.

Rog is perhaps not the most famous brand in the IT world, but the branch of the firm TaiwaneseAsus knows his customers. IndeedRepublic of Gamers”Is logically interested in video game players and offers them ever more efficient products to be able to have the best renderings possible during their parts.

With the CES in this very beginning year 2022, Asus took the opportunity to present more than innovative products, like the last Zephyrus G14. If this computer is to allow players to launch any part on all platforms, its size and weight may be a drag for some people who are looking for the most portable device there is, while remaining keyboard-mouse gamers (no smartphone gaming here).

In order to meet this very special request, Asus with her sub-brand Rog has been offering since some time already products like the ROG FlowX13. The latter has also just been updated with the best products of 2022 to stay up to date and continue to to struggle against with the competition.

A Tablet overpowered so you don’t miss a thing

But while the model of the Flow X13 begins to show its limits, Rog decided to take the bull by the horns and release a brand new Tabletgaming. Presented at theopportunity of CES by the brand, this new Tablet is sold as “the most powerful” there is. Running on Windows 11, the tablet is equipped with the best components.

With 1TB of storage, it doesn’tis more matter of choose which game Download for lack of space. With only 12 mm thick, and a weight barely exceeding a kilogram, the latest Tablet of Rog is a feather in a market where the standard is rather around 1.5 kilogram.

Side performance, the Tablet embeds the latest version of Intel processors, so qa graphics card overpowered avevs the RTX 3050 ti who has already done his evidence in many devices since its release last April.One screen, two configurations Last important point for gamers who would like to jump on this Tablet : his screen.

The latter measures 13.4 inches and offers two different configurations. The first offers a screen UHD 60 Hz and 450 nits. The second, pread performant, offers a screen QHD from 120 Hz and 500 nits. Regarding the price and the release date, Asus has assured that the product will be available during the first quarter of 2022 for only 1499 €.

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