The moving story of the premature baby who was born at 21 weeks and now holds a Guinness Record

A alabama baby who just turned one year entered the Guinness Book of World Records for being him premature child who has survived the longest. And is that the little Curtis Zy-Keith Means weighed less than half a kilo at birth, when her mother was barely in the pregnancy week 21.

The child was born on July 5, 2020 and he had to be hospitalized while they gave him intensive treatment, because being premature, his body was not developed. The goal of the doctors was always for him to survive to go home to his parents since, Curtis was actually a twin, but his little sister C’Asya could not live and died a day after her mother gave birth.

Colm Travers, a professor in the division of neonatology at the University of Alabama, where it was relieved Michelle Butler, Curtis’s mom, explained to Guinness World Records that was surprised when he saw the premature babybecause he was too small and his skin was very fragile. “I was surprised that at such a young age he was alive and responding to treatment,” he said.

For a child to be considered premature, it is because he was born before 37 weeks of gestationIn Curtis’s case, he was born at 21 weeks one day, a range in which babies are highly unlikely to survive as their lungs are undeveloped; if they live, they could suffer from intestinal, hearing, vision and dental problems.

One year old already!

Despite the bleak forecasts, Curtis Zy-Keith Means managed to survive after being boarding school nine months under harsh treatment. The first three months he was on a ventilator to strengthen her lungs and heart, she later went out, but continued on the medication.

April 6, 2021It was the happiest day in the life of the Curtis family, as the doctors determined that he was strong enough to go home and, although he still rRequires a feeding tube and supplemental oxygen, the small is healthy and with loved ones.

In July Curtis turned one and this month would be one year old, if he had been born after his mother’s pregnancy ended at 40 weeks. However, Michelle is not interested in that, because the most important thing is that the child has shown strength and is proud to see the difference between the day her child was born and how it has evolved to get to where it is now.


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