“The Nazis of the vaccines ruin the United States”, affirms republican who compared the use of masks with the Holocaust

It is not the first time that Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene cause controversy on social media due to his statements against the pandemic management, the restrictions and the application of vaccines against Covid-19, but also by the antisemitism that reflects the comparing sanitary measures with the dark episode of the Holocaust than the last century killed at least six million Jews.

During an interview with Steve Bannon for your podcast War Room, the United States legislator assured that is not vaccinated against Covid-19 and he affirmed that he will not do it because he has every right not to do so. “Do you want to know something Steve? I am not vaccinated … I can choose what I want to do with my body,” she said annoyed after remembering that in some entities, many federal employees will lose their jobs due to the refusal to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The conversation with the right wing and former adviser to Donald Trump In the White House, he raised the fury of the representative of the state of Georgia before Congress, who again brought up misused references about the Holocaust to compare the handling that the United States government has given to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These Vaccine Nazis Are Ruining Our Country. I’m sorry, I know I’m using the word Nazi and everyone gets mad when I say it, but that’s exactly what they are, “said the 47-year-old Republican politician, who just on Monday, November 1, received four fines for refusing to wear a mask within the House of Representatives.

Said wearing a mask was like being in the Holocaust

This is not the first time the US congresswoman has done misuse of references to the Holocaust to attack the United States government and its measuress during the pandemic. To the date adds more than $ 48,000 in fines (who has not paid) for refusing to wear a mask in places where it is mandatory to wear it, the Chamber is one of them.

Last July, the Republican legislator tweeted that people have the option to decide whether to get vaccinated or not, so it was not necessary for people with ‘brown shirts’ they were knocking door to door to urge them to receive the dose. This controversial comment made reference to the way in which the nazis ascended to power using the Sturmabteilung, shock troops that they just wore a brown uniform and that used to break into Jewish businesses or opposition rallies.

However, one of the most controversial moments for Marjorie Taylor Greene was last May, when compared vaccination passports against Covid-19 and the use of face masks with the how the Nazis forced Jews to wear the Star of David during the Holocaust.

That comment caused outrage in social networks, the political sphere of the United States and among activists and human rights defenders, so due to pressure, the Republican had to publicly apologizee a month later after visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum, located in Washington, DC.


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