The network of virtual kitchens, Cuyna, helps restaurants and chains to boost their delivery

Profitability and sustainability are two of the concepts most sought after by companies, and if we talk about food delivery, take on a new dimension. In this context, Cuyna was born, a multi-brand kitchen operator, focused exclusively on delivery, which allows restaurants to improve their home delivery.

Cuyna comes to solve the problems generated by this sector to provide consensus through its “Decalogue of measures for a responsible delivery”emerged from a deep process of listening to all the parties involved (neighbors, users, delivery men, chefs, platforms and administrations), which guarantee that the impact of its operation is minimal, also helping restaurants to reduce costs and facilitate processes.

His way of working is simple: Cuyna assumes the entire operation of its associated restaurants, exhaustively following the recipes and preparation instructions, its own packaging, working with the suppliers selected by the brand and connecting with all the distribution platforms to deliver the preparations to the customers’ homes. In this way, it offers an exclusive means to consolidated or new brands so that they can access more markets and consumers quickly and without risk, without under any circumstances harming the quality of their product and brand.

Cuyna currently has five kitchens (three in Madrid, one in Barcelona and one in Valencia and a major expansion plan throughout Spain in 2022) and more than 30 brands and restaurants partners that it operates (multinationals such as Wingstop, a chicken wing franchise; other brands of well-known personalities such as Carlos Maldonado or Luisito Comunica (youtuber with almost 40 million subscribers); and local gastronomic heroes such as Junk Burger, from Madrid (recognized as the best burger from Spain in 2022).

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Jaime Martinez de Velasco CEO and co-founder of Cuyna states: “We are the ideal partner for restaurants, as we strengthen their home delivery line and help them in their expansion process. We provide brands with a profitable, sustainable and risk-free means to promote delivery, achieving savings throughout the process for our collaborators. Restoration must move towards new forms of production and distribution, and with Cuyna, restaurants can be sure that they have an absolute guarantee of quality throughout the process”.

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