The new expansion of Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid is on the way

Renegade Game Studios seems not to want to stop and is ready to release the new expansion of Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid. After leading the Omega Rangers into the popular board game, now it’s time for Time Force!

Fans of Heroes of the Grid they will know that Time Force Pink Ranger Jen Scotts was actually included in the Shattered Grid expansion, but the rest of the team were unavailableā€¦ until now. The new Time Force Ranger Pack is now available for pre-order, which includes Rangers Wes Collins (red), Lucas Kendall (blue), Trip (green), Katie Walker (yellow) and Eric Myers (Quantum), and if you pre-order the package from Renegade Game Studios you will also receive the Free Word Pack n. 2.

Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Time Force Ranger Pack: The new expansion is now available for pre-order

The new expansion pack of the Power Rangers board game includes 5 Shogunzord themed Zord cards and 2 Shogun Megazord and Shogun Ultrazord Megazord cards and will be sold for $ 45.00.

In addition to this expansion, many others have already been released including the Merciless Minions Pack # 1, also available for pre-order on the game’s official website, which includes 12 Cogs, 12 Cyclobots and 4 location boards.

If we pre-order the Merciless Minions Pack, you will receive the Soldier Pack n.1 which includes 10 Ranger Sentry Soldier cards and 1 Rules Card. This expansion will be made available for $ 55.00.

Finally, we can also get the full package with the All-In pre-order, which gives you both sets and all promotions. This latest super pack will cost $ 100 but will only be available until January 7, 2022. As for shipping, it is currently scheduled for April 2022.

Please let us know if you have already purchased the base game and what you think by leaving a comment below.

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