The new Google Maps update will help you save gas!

Google maps It is one of the most used applications to know the best route when driving, and even walking. Within the app, it is also possible to find in detail the traffic status, estimated arrival times and alternative travel routes.

Now with the latest update, Google maps You will be able to draw routes that help reduce polluting emissions from cars, which will also help you save gasoline and be more environmentally friendly.

Green routing, is the name given to this function, which combines a short path with the least polluting in order to trace the route. In addition, during the Sustainability With event, Google announced news for users who use bicycles or Scooters through lite navigation.

Bicycle and scooter trips

For people traveling in bike, The routes shown by the application are now more detailed and real-time instructions are added so that they can take the best path, in addition, the use of the screen on is not required to be able to hear what the application says. Other features that it includes is that it shows elevations, or other obstacles that may exist on the route.

Another novelty that arrives is dedicated to the people who use scooters in a shared way, the stations that are nearby will now be shown and even how many are available, this update is about to reach Berlin, Taipei, New York and Sao Paulo, but they want it to reach the whole world.

At the moment, this update is only available in the United States, for devices with Android and iOS, however, Google announced that by 2022 it will seek expansion to other countries and its arrival in Europe.

With these routes Google reduce more than a million tons of carbon emissions each year, this is equivalent to 200,000 cars, the icon within the application has the shape of a leaf emphasizing the ecological and will also tell us how much fuel we can save if we take this path.

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