The new NVIDIA technology is giving us unthinkable moments from cinema and TV

We already told you here that NVIDIA had launched at CES a revolutionary new technology called Eye Contact (Eye contact) based on artificial intelligence. Well, the tool that applies it, available to everyone who wants to try it, is giving us great (and very surprising) moments in many areas, including those related to television and cinema. And if you can’t think of how that can be possible, keep reading and we’ll show you.

Eye Contact, the trending theme of the moment

There is a lot of talk about Eye Contact and it is not for less. This technology is one of the new features that can be used in NVIDIA Broadcast, an application that with the help of artificial intelligence converts our broadcast image during videoconferences into something much more professional, thanks to the use of certain automatic adjustments.

The star functionality, which has arrived with the software version 1.4.0makes anyone look at the camera even if they are actually looking elsewhere, achieving better communication and feedback for the interlocutor.

The idea read like this sounds a bit strange, so it is better that you see it for yourself and thus better understand what the Broadcast AI:

People have not been slow to try it at home -be careful, for this, yes, you need a computer with Windows and certain minimum specifications that allow the program to run without problems-, demonstrating that the Technology Eye Contact It is very well done and it is quite easy to use. So much so that it has even gone a little further and more than one has had the idea of ​​applying its possibilities to certain well-known scenes from the world of cinema and television.

A new Jurassic Park trailer and Carmy’s transformed monologue

The first example of how well the Broadcast function works is in the trailer for the first film of Jurassic Park. Thanks to her, you will see all the actors looking, most of the time, at the screen. There are scenes in which the effect is better achieved than others, but without a doubt, the result is incredible (and somewhat creepy, everything has to be said):

The other scene is found in the most intense and personal moment of The Bear. The new sensation series of the moment (remember that you can see it on Disney +) gave us in one of its final chapters a monologue by Carmy, its protagonist, in which she talks about how she feels after the death of his brother. The actor practically never looks at the camera (it is part of the character’s own personality and emotional state) during his confession, however, Eye Contact has managed to make him do so, with a result even betterin our opinion, of the one achieved in the trailer for Jurassic Park.

Judge for yourself:

As you can see, these are two good examples that demonstrate what NVIDIA has achieved by using AI as well as the imagination that many have on the internet. Surely they are not the last curious videos that we see in this regard.

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