The new Sony Smart TVs for 2022. Complete and easy guide not to get lost

The union of both, according to Sony, allows even higher image quality, which we will observe with a much more intense brightness, a more pronounced contrast and realistic colors, thanks also to its system XR Triluminos Max. In fact, they claim that the new screens are capable of offering up to three times the brightness.

Views from the outside, we will have 65-inch and 55-inch models. Inside, we continue to find the updated Cognitive XR processor, which is capable of offering a 4K resolution at 120Hz refresh rate.

This allows the action to be presented as humans see and hear reality, according to the Japanese brand. But for what we’re interested in, that soda means that the Sony BRAVIA XR it is ideal for connecting the console and playing games smoothly and precisely.

In addition, this top-of-the-range model also brings sound technology Acoustic Surface Audio and 60W of total power, which promise a more immersive experience.

Sony Master A90K, OLED in small inches

Reducing the size, we find the A90K series, in 48 and 42 inches. OLED display for perfect blacks and again the technology XR Triluminos Pro and the Acoustic Surface Audio.

In general, we find benefits premium for those who do not want, or cannot, have such a large television.

But, for those who think that size does matter, there is also news at Sony this 2022.

Sony A80K, OLED screen of all sizes

Sony A80K

The A80K line is a step a little lower on the line premium, but without giving up almost anything. In 77, 65 and 55 inch sizes, the display technology is also OLED. So you already know, perfect blacks and flawless contrast, for vivid and true colors.

Again all the improvements by software of the processor and sound Acoustic Surface Audio, like the rest of the A ranges.

Sony Master Series Z9K and X95K, with huge size and Mini LED technology

Sony X95K

We leave the A range and, for its Z9K and X95K models (evolutions of the previous models, the Z9J and X95J) we have Mini LED technology, where diodes are reduced in size compared to traditional LEDs. In fact, they are up to 40 times smaller.

What does this reduction in size allow with the new technology?

Well, according to Sony, a Full Array Local Dimming (not to be confused with Direct Full Array Samsung), which translates into a improved brightness, contrast and blacks. If so or not, we will see soon, although we cannot expect the same as in a QD-OLED, obviously.

The X95K is your model in 4K resolution and in sizes 85, 75 and 65 inches, almost nothing.

While, the Z9K is your 8K model in sizes 85 and 75 inches.

Both series help each other, to give an excellent image quality, of the system XR Backlight Master Drive backlight.

In these televisions we also have the Cognitive processor improvement that we found in the A95K line, but the sound comes with the system Acoustic Multi-Audio, instead of Surface.

Sony X90K series, 4K LED TVs

On the X90K line, we went down a step and found traditional LED displays, at 4K resolution and almost all sizes: 85, 75, 65 and 55 inches.

In addition to more traditional vision technology, finishes and accessories are slightly less premiumIn fact, they already come with a traditional plastic remote control, instead of the aluminum one of the previous models.

Sony X85K series, 4K and LED, with 100 Hz refresh

New Sony Bravia 2022 TVs

As we go down the new range, we find the X85K series, which has 4K resolution, image enhancement technology X-Reality PRO (instead of the XR Triluminos) Y 100 Hz refresh, instead of 120.

Models for all tastes, because you have the line in sizes of: 85, 75, 65, 55, 50 and 43 inches, so it is the choice for all types of stays.

Sony Bravia X80K series, in 4K and LED

Sony X80K

Going down 5 more numbers in the series, too we lose those 100 Hz refreshment along the way, which continues to make this line a good decision as a television, but it is not ideal for gaming.

Again, 4K resolution, LED technology traditional and almost all the sizes you want: 75, 65, 55, 50 and 43 inches.

Software-level improvements in the new 2022 Sony Smart TVs

You may be surprised to discover that Sony does not manufacture the panels for their televisions, but rather orders them from LG. Therefore, to differentiate itself more (and collect that difference from the BRAVIA with respect to LG’s own, for example), it focuses on the sound system and software enhancements.

These allow, together with its Cognitive processor, those color and contrast optimizations, as in the case of the XR Triluminos Pro, which we have already told you about.

Software improvements for the Sony Bravia 2022

In that sense of processing improvements, they have also presented the new option BRAVIA CORE Calibrated Mode, which automatically adjusts the quality of the image on the screen to better align it with the original vision of the content creators.

Similarly, it has launched the new Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode, which, again, performs image processing based on ambient light. The goal is that your series and movies always look as the director intended, in any condition.

By last, all televisions of the different lines will obviously have the stamp: “Perfect for PlayStation 5”, which includes an automatic mapping of HDR tones and the Picture Mode by Genre, also automatic.

Besides that, they are compatible with Google TV and yet no pricing or availability announcedBut it won’t be cheap to get the top-of-the-line innovations.

As you can see, Sony has updated its BRAVIA line of smart TVs for 2022, bringing many new features, especially in the versions premium starting with A. Their J series from last year go up to K in letter and, the truth, they arouse us envy with the QD-OLED.

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