The OnePlus Buds Z 2 wireless headphones are less than 60€

OnePlus’ second-generation Buds Z wireless earbuds are smashing on Aliexpress for Valentine’s Day!

After a first generation of wireless headphones, OnePlus brings new features using these Buds Z 2. Whether you have an Android smartphone from OnePlus, or not, the purchase of these OnePlus Buds Z 2 gives you will allow you to replace wired headphones (to free yourself from wires) or will allow you to acquire a new pair of wireless headphones to replace an aging model. All without breaking all your savings given that these Buds Z 2 are currently on promotion at Aliexpress at the price of € 57.99 with the code LAPLACE08 ! Free, fast delivery and VAT included.

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From Buds Z 2pto complete your OnePlus ecosystem

This new line of Bluetooth headphones from OnePlus is part of a manufacturer’s ecosystem. However, these OnePlus Buds Z 2 are perfectly usable from a smartphone of a completely different brand.

Indeed, once unpacked you can pair the OnePlus headphones on a smartphone from Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO or even on an iPhone. The quality of the speakers is very satisfactory and will allow you to listen to different musical genres without the treble or bass interfering with the music.

Note that the OnePlus Buds Z 2 are in-ear wireless headphones, that is to say that the plastic tip enters the ear canal. This will allow their user to be fairly well isolated from outside noise, especially since this passive noise reduction accompanies an active reduction of up to 40 dB of outside noise. In short, you won’t be disturbed by car horns or people talking loudly.

To enjoy sound that is perfectly aligned with the image, a manufacturer must integrate Bluetooth 5 technology. For its part, OnePlus has gone much further by offering Bluetooth 5.2 in its Buds Z 2. This generation of Bluetooth improves the connection stability between the two devices but also the communication speed. You can watch a movie or series on Netflix without any latency!

As far as autonomy is concerned, you have nothing to worry about since these headphones are capable of restoring a total of 38 hours of autonomy. In addition to that, these Buds Z 2 have fast charging to recover five hours of battery life in ten minutes of charging.

In short, it’s the perfect wireless headphones to be able to listen to your favorite music but also watch your favorite movies and series. Do not miss this promotion at Aliexpress and find these OnePlus Buds Z 2 at the price of € 57.99 instead of € 89.

I take advantage of the offer

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