The pellet rises in price, but it is still worth it

It seems that in these times nothing escapes inflation and the pellet was not going to be less. Despite the increase in its price, this biofuel continues to be one of the cheapest options to put boilers and stoves to work. An option that does not go unnoticed by those looking for clean and environmentally responsible routes. Is it because of this that it is one of the alternatives that is gaining the most weight in the fuel market to generate energy?

Cut energy costs in half

When we talk about boilers or pellet stoves, we are not only talking about an environmentally sustainable alternative. We are talking about a cheaper alternative and, in many cases, more efficient than other fossil fuels such as natural gas. It can mean a saving of €600 per year compared to electric or gas heating.

This amount will depend, like any other source of heating, on the profile of our house. The approximate cost to enjoy our pellet stove would be as follows:

  • For a 1 kg bag of pellets we would pay €0.30 and it would be equivalent to 5 kWh of electricity consumption for which we would be paying €0.75.
  • For a 24 kg bag of pellets we would pay €7.20 and it would be equivalent to a butane cylinder for which we would be paying €14.88.

This gives us an idea of ​​the type of consumption we would have and the amount of money we would save if we installed a boiler or pellet stove at home.

pellet stoves

When it comes to getting a pellet stove, the important thing is to know the use you are going to give it. Knowing this, we find:

  • air stove: designed to heat the room in which it is installed.
  • Ductable air stove: Their operation makes them an ideal option whether you want to heat a single room (it will expel the air from the front) or if you want to distribute the heat to different rooms through the ductable outlets.
  • thermo stoves: they work like small boilers, so they are connected to the radiators already installed in the house. They can also be used to heat domestic water by installing an external cylinder.

Although it is a market in full growth, we already have a very wide offer that allows us to choose the model that best suits our needs. These are some of the options that you can find on Amazon at a very cheap price if we take into account their profitability:

Joima Natur Style Stove

  • Designed to heat rooms of 80 m2.
  • Anti-explosion security system.
  • Rated power of 8 kW.

Pellet stove Group k2

  • Designed to heat rooms of 80 m2.
  • Remote control and LED display.
  • Rated power of 9 kW.

Eva pellet stove

  • Designed to heat rooms of 80 m2.
  • Screen with language menu and safety thermostat.
  • Rated power of 9.5 kW.

The conclusion we reached is that yes, installing a pellet stove or boiler involves a considerable initial investment. But we cannot ignore that it will be an investment that will pay off in the long run than spending hundreds of euros on electric heating, and more if we take into account the rise in prices that other types of fuels or electricity are suffering. It is estimated that the approximate time it takes us to amortize the investment in this type of heating system is 3 years, after which you will become one of the group of people who save on their energy bill.

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