Protect your Chrome profile with a password and improve your security

What does creating a profile in Chrome do for us

The browser has many functions that you probably don’t know about. One of the most interesting is to create a chrome profile. Previously, this profile could be protected with a password so that if someone tried to access it, they would not be able to see any information related to that user. Unfortunately that experimental and hidden function has disappeared, but we are going to offer you an alternative solution.

If we do not take measures to protect our profile, they could obtain information about:

  1. Our browsing history with all the websites we visit.
  2. See our bookmarks, with which they could know our favorite websites.
  3. Know our passwords, in the event that we do not have a Windows user with a password. This does not refer to the automatic login, in which there is a password even though we do not have to put it. This is very rare, and it is not advisable to create Windows users without a password.
  4. The browser extensions we use.

This is very convenient to do when sharing a computer. To maintain privacy, a management of the profiles is necessary.

How to create a new profile

The first thing we have to do is log in with our Google account in the browser. Then, in the upper right corner, next to the three vertical option points, an icon with a circle and the initial of our name will appear.

If we click on the initial, in this case the J, it will show us our account information. Here we will see our name, the e-mail address, if the account is synchronized and we can even manage our Google account.

Here we have two ways of working:

  1. Invited: in which searches will not be shown in the browser history, nor will traces such as cookies be left on the computer after closing all open windows of the guest session. On the other hand, we will keep the files that we download.
  2. Add a user profile: in which we can work by creating a profile, both using a Google account and without using it.

In this case, we are going to work adding a user profile for which we have two options:

The first would be by pressing the gear icon marked with the first red arrow, and another tap on Add to which the second arrow points. Regardless of whether we choose one or the other option, we will find a screen like this:

To create a profile we have two distinct options:

  • Log in: what you are offering us is the possibility of sign in with a Google account on this profile. This means that we can synchronize our bookmarks, passwords and browsing history that we have used in another browser.
  • Continue without account: it means that we will not use a Google account, and that both bookmarks and browsing history, we will only manage them locally on that computer. Later, if necessary, that account could be added.

In this case we are going to work with continue without an account and we will see a screen like this:

To create our profile we put a name and click on the button Done.

Enter and customize your Chrome profile

It is also possible that when creating that profile you have not been left with the options that we like the most. The first thing we are going to see is how to enter that new profile that we have created. We would do it through the initial profile that we had before:

We simply have to click on REDESZONE and we would see a screen like this:

From this moment it is as if we were using the browser for the first time. We will not have bookmarks, nor saved passwords and we would start from scratch. At this moment or any other we could press the button Activate sync to be able to use passwords and bookmarks on different computers.

At some point, we may not like that pink background or want to change it because we are bored with it. Then we will click on the pencil icon indicated with the green arrow in the image above and we will see the following:

In addition to the background theme for your profile, it will allow us to assign a different avatar if we see fit.

Protect your profile with a password

Chrome previously allowed you to easily protect your profile with a password in one of its experimental options. Unfortunately, as it is no longer available, we will have to use third-party software, in this case it is a browser extension. In this case it is called LockPW from the developer Sofwar, and which can be downloaded for free from the app store from here:

To protect a profile we will install this extension in the user accounts that we need. From that moment, when trying to open a profile, it will ask us for the corresponding password, and if we do not know it, we will not be able to access it.

The first thing we have to do is access the configuration section of the extension that we just installed:

Here we have to put our access password and a hint in case we forget. Once done, click on the button Keep and we will have it ready. However, for it to be activated for the first time you will have to close all browser windows.

The next time you run the browser, a screen like this will appear where you can choose between the different profiles:

If we choose the profile to which we have added the extension we will see that it is password protected.

So we put the password that we set in the extension LockPW and we will see the same options that we had before. This way we will have access to our bookmarks, history and more.

Delete a profile and other options

Over time, some users of this equipment may stop using it. At that time we could consider eliminating that profile. Then from our user profile we click on the gear icon to see those that are available.

Next, in the profile that we want to delete, click on the three options points and on Remove.

Another option that we could use to prevent other users from accessing our data is creating a new user in Windows. Thus, each one will have its own browser, configuration files and will be able to install its own programs.

In summary, in this tutorial we have learned to work with a Chrome profile and add a password to it to improve our security if we need it.

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