The Perfect Business Name is Everything

Many people may not realize it, but names hold a lot of power, particularly in the business world where branding is king. So, when you are trying to come up with a business name, it matters. There is a large faction of business owners and future entrepreneurs that have their business plans down pat but struggle with a moniker for their commercial venture. What if there was an easier way to find a great name for your company?

Business name ideas are a lot simpler to come up with when you use Namify. By inserting a few keywords about your business, this generator can yield a wealth of possible names that can launch your company into a productive stratosphere. If you’re on the fence about whether it’s worth it or not, here are a few reasons why having the right name for your business could mean the difference between failure and success.


One of the biggest reasons to come up with the right name for your business is to make sure it’s available in the first place. If you come up with a name for your company that another company is already using, it could mark a potential lawsuit. Especially if the company is trading in similar services or has similar marketing purposes, it could place you in a direct line for trademark or copyright infringement.  One of the benefits of using a name generator service is that registered business names are not included. So, a suggested name will likely be available for you to use for your company.

Name Recognition

Name importance is something people are taught to have high regard for since they are able to comprehend the concept. One of the main benchmarks that preschoolers meet is to recognize and distinguish their own names. As they get older, children learn to right their names and help solidify their own self-identity. The concept of name recognition begins much earlier than most adults can recall, but its importance sticks. Having a strong and relevant business name that people can identify can provide a stratospheric boost to how successful a company will become.


People are drawn to things that are relatable, whether it’s other people, books, or businesses. Identifying with a business or product is one thing, but being able to relate to it is something else. Identity is about figuring out what something is. Relatability is about figuring out how close it is to being just like you. Consider “viral” images and videos. The “you” factor, a term used in a 2019 New York Times article about relatability drives what people share with one another. If it feels like them, they’ll extend that information to someone else that may feel the same. The same concept could be applied to business names. If a person can relate to the name and kick that to others, it can become a powerful marketing tool.

Commercial products and services certainly matter. However, the power of a business name is the true starting point. Using a services like Namify can help you cross the finish line.

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