The Pokémon card game is coming to your phone soon

The Pokémon card game gets a makeover

There are many different ways to enjoy the entire Pokémon universe. On the one hand, there are the classic games that can be found for Nintendo consoles, which are the best option for the vast majority of users. On the other, everything related to the different animation series that exist. And if all this were not enough, you also have the augmented reality version of Pokémon Go, different games for smartphones as well as collectible cards.

The trading card game is nothing new, it has been around for a few years now and many players have become hooked on it. Especially to the physical version for that point of collecting that it offers to those who are more fans of everything related to the Pokémon world.

Well now a new version of Pokémon Trading Card Game Live or Pokémon TCG Live as some call it to sum it up a bit more. In this renewed installment of the collectible card game there will be interesting news, the most striking of all being the arrival of an application for mobile devices.

Yes, in the same way that you can already play a collectible card game that is a classic at the moment like Hearthstones or Magic The Gathering, you can also do it with your favorite Pokémon. Still, there are more details next to the arrival of mobile apps.

Pokémon TCG Live can be played on iOS, Android devices and also on Windows and macOS computers. The applications for PC and Mac will arrive in beta at the end of this year 2021 and the smartphone versions will first have a regional beta in Canada and then will be launched worldwide so that anyone interested in them can enjoy the game.

This trading card game will continue to allow you to pass the cards that can be bought in physical to digital format with the codes it includes. So you can have both the option of collecting physically and playing online with players from all over the world through the apps.

In addition, players who already played the previous Pokémon Trading Card Game will be able to migrate your collection just by logging in with your current data. So the renewal thing is as is and it is not about starting to accumulate cards again. Which, it is said, can be obtained by buying them with virtual currencies that are obtained through purchases from the game with real money or with the one that can be obtained with the games.

How to play Pokémon Trading Card Game Live

If by any chance you have never played the Pokémon card game, this is basically like any other similar game. Logically it has its own rules and these are adapted to the Pokémon world and the way they have been seen fighting for years.

Even so, in Pokémon TCG you have a deck of 60 cards which is basically made up of three types: energy cards, they are resources; Pokémon cards, characters with which they will fight; and coach letters, which are supportive.

Each of these cards in turn, and especially those of Pokémon, are made up of different parts and help to develop the combat. Because at the end of the day it is about fighting against other coaches to show who is the best.

So you know, in a matter of months you will be enjoying a new way of playing Pokémon or, in case you already did, the possibility of continuing to do so from your mobile phone.

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