The randella Empire again: Brancalonia is back on Kickstarter!

After the triumph at the ENnie Awards, Brancalonia, the Spaghetti Fantasy setting for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, come back upstairs Kickstarter with two new manuals: The Empire bludgeon again And The Menagram’s Almanac.

The crowdfunding campaign started very recently and, needless to say!, It has already been financed, confirming the success of this ambient line for D&D. All that remains is to find out more about these new manuals!

Brancalonia returns to Kickstarter with two new manuals

The fantastic, scoundrel and picaresque world of Brancalonia returns to Kickstarter proposing The Empire bludgeon again (made in collaboration with Feudalism and Freedom), a new stand alone expansion, and therefore playable without having other Brancalonia manuals, which includes a whole game campaign war-themed in 10 linked adventures, new backgrounds, an insight into the North of the Kingdom, new dive games, new military gear, new magical junk and over twenty new opponents and new monsters.

But not only that, the Kickstarter also includes the creation of a second manual, TheAlmanac of the Menagramo, a unique publication that contains a collection of special material and out of production appeared online, in magazines and limited editions, along with many eventual stretch goals of the current campaign.

The campaign also includes the possibility of purchasing the first new Brancalonia manuals gadget exclusive like maps, notebooks and a beautiful t-shirt. The project was heavily funded on Kickstarter, so all that remains is to choose the best Reward!

Brancalonia is an “upside down” version of Medieval Italy, which quotes, collects and mixes contributions of contemporary Italian fiction and references to the fantastic literary tradition. Low fantasy, ironic and cialtronesque, Brancalonia is based on traditions, folklore, history, landscapes, literature and Italian pop culture. Players take on the role of Rogues, mercenaries and villains who are part of a Clique, a handful of swindlers (ie, the party) who make raids and Chores up and down the Kingdom of Size.

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