QUEERZ !: the super sentai LGBTQ themed RPG funded on Kickstarter

Among the international innovations in the role-playing sector we would like to point out QUEERZ!, a new RPG super heard theme LGBTQ which was recently launched on the Kickstarter platform and which was funded in just a few days.

In QUEERZ! take on the role of Super heroes who struggle daily againstIgnorance, a dark and glassy substance capable of changing people and making them blind to the beauties and facets of life.

Funded on Kickstarter QUEERZ !, new super sentai RPG

The manga-based RPG uses the same game system as City of Mist, published in Italian by Isola Illyon. City of Mist is a noir role-playing game (this manual also contains some beautiful comics!) That uses a system of Roll + Tags (Launch + Attributes), a simple and immediate narrative engine that combines Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) with other systems that use Attributes and Tags.

QUEERZ! thus combines hilarious and exuberant actions to a acceptance message very important: to love ourselves and those who are different from us.

In QUEERZ !, you take on the role of a character with magical powers. You are now a “Queerz” and your powers come from Rainbow Empathy, a magical force that empowers and embodies ideals of humanity, compassion, joy and wisdom, giving those who can practice it an unimaginable power that comes from love. Queerz are inextricably linked to their Runway, a unique and personal goal to which they are devoted and through which they can inspire others.

By participating in the Kickstarter campaign you can choose to finance the project by putting your hands on several Box (RPG publishing box format continues to be used a lot!): from that Basic, which essentially collects the starter set of the game, at the Fabulous which contains everything, without forgetting official dice and badges!

QUEERZ! it has already been funded on Kickstarter and will be shipped all over the world, including Italy (although in English).

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