The sequel to 2 Singles a Wedding has been temporarily shelved

Bad news for all those who awaited the arrival of the sequel to 2 Wedding Singles (Wedding Crashers), the 2005 comedy starring Vince Vaughn And Owen Wilson. Apparently, the project of the sequel film, already questioned by Owen Wilson himself, has been temporarily shelved due to the actor’s participation in the new film on Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

The sequel to 2 Wedding Singles, for the moment, will not be made

It seems that Toby Emmerich And Richard Brener of the Warner Brothers were in the process of officially announcing the sequel, when Wilson opted instead for his commitment to the reboot de The House of Ghosts.

According to what was reported by the insider Matthew Belloni on her blog, Warner Bros was so sure of sequel to 2 Wedding Singles by having already organized the filming of the film by the end of this month of September (filming that would continue for about a year). The actor, however, has engaged elsewhere, they mess up the plans for the second film.

“The project is not completely dead”Belloni explained. “But after Mansion, Wilson will move on to the second season of Disney + ‘s Loki, and Vaughn has committed to the Apple TV series Bad Monkey, from Ted Lasso producer Bill Lawrence. So it will probably take at least a year before anyone can pick up Wedding Crashers 2. Like I said, that’s a shame. “

The insider added: “Some neighbors wonder why Wilson gave up on a big payday and return to an exclusive franchise to replace Seth Rogen, another UTA client, in a supporting role alongside stars Tiffany Haddish and Lakeith Stanfield. Mansion is a future franchise opportunity, which may be preferable to revisiting a film from its past (and one that may still be available in a year). Probably the relationship with Disney also played a role; Marvel’s Loki brought Wilson, 52, back to the zeitgeist, helping him get the SNL season premiere. “

A shame, really.

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