The solution to charging problems in AirPods Max

The most common causes

There are many causes that can cause you to have problems when recharging your AirPods Max, but some of them are extremely common. Here are the most common ones that you should take into account.

Clean the charging port

The AirPods Max are recharged through a cable system very similar to that of an iPhone or iPad. Specifically, you must use a Lightning cable that connects to one of the sides of the Apple wireless headphones. This is an advantageous system since it allows charging anywhere, or on any device, but it also has a negative aspect. This is mainly the dirt that can accumulate in the Lightning portsEither dust or simple fluff. This can cause the power needed to charge the battery not to be supplied properly or even the cable to fail to fit. This is a serious problem and can end up causing the AirPods Max not to charge.

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In these cases, you should clean, but always with great care. Keep in mind that these ports can be extremely delicate, and you always have to be careful. The first thing is to see if there is any type of lint in the port, being able to project it with a flashlight to finally locate it. But what is owed to avoid is always to introduce any type of affiliate element as can be a needle. The use of these types of elements can finally cause the port to end up deteriorating and not working properly, causing a higher price repair. To clean it, you should simply use pressurized air and never corrosive liquids.

Check the cable you are using

The cable with which the devices are charged can be seen as something quite simple, and not give it any importance. After all, it is a simple connector between the charger and the device in question. But the truth must be given more importance since it is a vital component and can also present failures. It is important to choose the charging cable well as it is in the end that can cause the problem with charging.

First of all, check the physical condition of the cable. The fact that there is some kind of flaw in it may be enough for the power required to recharge the AirPods Max is not supplied. In these cases you can look for a replacement in order to check if this is where the problem is. Keep in mind that there are many cables and you should always buy one certified by Apple itself that has an original chip in order to have the appropriate load management system.

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Is it the correct charger?

Another component of the load that can also fail is the charger itself. This is responsible for supplying the necessary energy to the battery, and it can be susceptible to failure over time. It must be taken into account that to achieve an optimal load it is necessary to have a charger with proper wattage and voltage and amperage specifications. If this is not fulfilled, you may see different problems in the load or simply as an extremely slow load.

In these cases you will have to perform different actions such as trying other types of chargers. It is important to use those that are authorized by Apple itself that has different security systems. Among these systems are those of overvoltage, since if they occur it can end up negatively affecting the internal battery of the AirPods Max. Before making the purchase, try other chargers you have at home. By not requiring anything special, you can always use the iPhone or iPad itself.

Other ways to fix it

In addition to the checks that we have previously commented on the load elements, it must also be taken into account that other actions can be carried out. We will explain them to you in detail below.

Reset AirPods Max

The battery management and charge management system is always managed by the firmware of the AirPods Max. On some occasions, a problem may be generated in this software that makes it not possible to manage the energy correctly. The most common thing is to reestablish it, thus eliminating the problems that exist in regard to the processes that have been left hanging that are managing the entire loading process. To be able to restore them, you simply have to follow some very simple steps, which are the following:

  1. Press and hold the noise control button.
  2. At the same time press the digital crown.
  3. You will see how the lower LED blinks amber. Don’t stop pressing the buttons.
  4. As soon as the white LED appears, you can remove your fingers from the buttons.

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From here it is possible that all the problems you have with the charging system will be solved. The only drawback you will have is the fact that you will have to reconfigure the headphones to connect to your devices. But it is certainly worth the fact of arranging to charge the headphones, even if all the configuration has to be done again from the beginning.

Contact Apple

In the event that none of this has ended up working with your headphones, you will have to choose to make contact with Apple. It is important to note that all Apple products that have been sold in Spain have two years warranty. In the event that the battery has been damaged as a result of a fault that comes from the factory, the costs will be fully covered. This does not happen when the AirPods Max has some kind of blow or has suffered some accidental damage that has ended up affecting the battery. In these cases Apple will not end up covering it, as well as the problem in surges.


In order to communicate with the company, it must always be done through official channels. You can contact through the enabled phone but it can also be done through the website. Here you will get the appointment to go to a physical store both official but also to any SAT. On some occasions, you can also send the product to Apple via courier, so that the repair can be carried out and it can be sent back to your home address.

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