The new iPad Air now has more than 100 euros discount

Although it was released almost a year ago, the 4th generation iPad Air It is still the latest model in this range of Apple tablets and everything indicates that it will not be renewed until 2022. Therefore, it remains an excellent purchase option, being a perfect hybrid between the most basic iPad and iPad Pro. But is that now we can find discounts on all modelsregardless of its storage capacity and color.

All this in Amazon, where we can buy them totally new and original with fast shipments that could even make you have it at home today, although it will depend on where you live. You will enjoy in addition to 2 years warranty, the first being managed by Apple and the second by Amazon. Although in any case you will have at least 30 days to return it if it does not satisfy you, although we have the intuition that it will.

The current sales on the iPad Air

Amazon offers are often very volatile, so they can change at any time. When this article has been published, the discounts that we can find for this iPad Air 2020 with respect to the official prices in the Apple Store are the following:

  • WiFi versions:
    • 64GB storage:
      • Space gray, pink or silver color: 80 euros discount
      • Blue or green color: 70 euros discount
    • 256 GB of storage:
      • Blue, Space Gray, Pink, or Silver Color: 70 euros discount
      • Green color: 32 euros discount

  • WiFi + Cellular versions:
    • 64GB storage:
      • Green color: 135 euros discount
      • Silver color: 120 euros discount
      • Color blue: 105 euros discount
      • Pink colour: 83 euros discount
      • Space gray color: 54 euros discount
    • 256 GB of storage:
      • Pink colour: 107 euros discount
      • Silver or green color: 90 euros discount
      • Blue or space gray color: 70 euros discount

The keys that will make you fall in love with this tablet

There are several highlights of this iPad Air and more when compared to its predecessors. The main ones and for which we believe that it can be an excellent purchase are the following:

  • State of the art design: goodbye to the thick bezels on the front and the Home button, with a design in the purest ‘Pro’ style that greatly optimizes space and the 10.9-inch screen has all the prominence (and with Touch ID on the lock button ).
  • Performance: the A14 Bionic chip gives this tablet an enviable fluidity and performance. It does not reach the level of the M1 chip, but few will miss more power because it has plenty to do almost any type of task.

iPad Air 4

  • Operating system: Despite the fact that iPadOS can always be asked for more, it has become a perfect system for iPads, providing them with exclusive functions compared to the iPad’s iOS. In addition, and thanks to the aforementioned A14 chip, it can continue to be updated for at least 4 or 5 more years.
  • Accessories: Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, Magic Keyboard and any other Bluetooth or wired keyboard or mouse can be used on this device, which doubles the capabilities of the iPad, making it unnecessary even for computers. In addition, the fact that it has USB-C will make it compatible even with external storage disks.
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