The Sonos Era 300 and Era 100 are finally official: we have new speakers in the family

The Sonos Era 300 next to a record player

It was practically an open secret but in the end we can tell you that the expected Sonos Era 300 and Era 100 they have dressed long. The red carpet is thus deployed to welcome a new wasnever better said, within the Sonos loudspeaker catalog with new models that maintain the character of the brand in design, performance and even price. This is all you need to know about them.

All for spatial audio

A simple compact speaker will be in charge of squeezing the experience of the spatial audio. That is what Sonos assures when talking about its new was 300a device that look directly at Apple’s HomePod, No doubt. In this way, the loudspeaker is committed to the aforementioned sound technology, without forgetting the Dolby Atmoswhich makes it an ideal option to use in spaces such as the living room where we have the TV and thus connect it to other Sonos equipment (such as the Arc or the 2nd Gen Beam), thus forming an interesting configuration as a cinema system. at home 7.1.4 thanks to its multi-channel surround sound.

The Sonos Era 300 speaker in black

The speaker has six class-D amplifiers, four perfectly placed tweeters and two woofers, all responsible for emitting the best sound, although you can always adjust various parameters through an app for iOS and Android. As for the controlsSonos ensures that they are now more intuitive than ever, offering touch control and being placed in the upper area (where you will find volume, other dedicated playback buttons and the one in charge of activating Bluetooth), and if what interests you is the subject of the intelligent assistants, that you know that you will be able to make use of alexa through its integrated microphone.

As for the was 100, it is the clear heir to the famous Sonos One, both for technical features and for design, which will be tremendously familiar to you. Until now, you did need two One units to enjoy the stereo soundsomething that the Sonos Era 100 now solves by integrating an architecture of double tweeter that seeks precisely to offer you this quality. The middle woofer has also been improved (now it is 25% larger) and it uses three class-D amplifiers, as well as including a microphone. And no, in case you’re wondering, there’s no support for spatial audio here; that is reserved for the Era 300.

The Sonos Era 100 speaker in black

It offers a well-finished and compact body, with a cylindrical drawing, and offers you support for streaming via WiFi, as well as being able to pair via Bluetooth with other devices and have input for other sources through the use of an adapter -this is sold separately. separated, eye

Prices and availability of the new Sonos

He Sonos Era 300 It will be available in black and white from March 28, in a good number of countries, including Spain. Its official price is 499 euros.

The Sonos Era 100 speaker in white

As for the Sonos Era 100, can also be purchased from the same date as its brother and will also be seen in many markets, including Spanish. Regarding its price, it is planted in the 279 euros50 euros more expensive than the Sonos One. You have it available in black and white colors.

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