The Support of Artificial Intelligence in Online Casinos

Artificial Intelligence is part of our everyday lives. We use it without even thinking about it. Examples of this are when you are typing a text message or email and it auto completes the word or sentence based on the history of words you have used in the past. Or when you are looking to watch a new tv show, and the “suggested for you” items shown are based on what you have watched in the past.

Online casinos use AI in every aspect of their business, this is beneficial to both the casino and players. A trusted site like RainbowSpins Casino uses AI to monitor the player’s behaviours in order to deliver great customer service and protect players from excessive gambling.

How does AI fit into online gambling?

As mentioned briefly before, artificial intelligence is used in many ways in online casinos. At the forefront, it’s used as a safety mechanism for both casinos and gamblers. According to the Gambling Commission, casinos have a social responsibility to the gamble to ensure that they are not at risk of becoming a gambling addict or putting themselves in harm’s way. As such, casinos use AI to track the gamblers’ play style, betting amounts, and frequency.

Should the AI notice that a gambler has suddenly started betting an unusual amount, start depositing too frequent amounts, or start binge betting. The AI will either notify the casino to make contact with the player or it will suspend the account immediately. This is to prevent the gambler from risky behaviours, but also to protect the casino. Gambling addiction affects the casino negatively in that the addicted player could be banned for life, thus losing customers.

Bookmakers and online casinos often use AI in customer care when they need assistance with certain problems. More often than not, these problems have cropped up numerous times, and AI could easily provide the solution. When players need assistance, they usually try to make contact through the chat function which, in the first case, connects them to a chat bot. AI then screens the information for keywords and replies according to that, however, should it stay unresolved, a human will step in.

As part of the registration process at online casinos and bookmakers, the prospective punter needs to pass KYC verification. This is due to anti-money laundering laws, which aim to curb the use of stolen data. The AI powered process is efficient and fast in verifying the customers’ personal details, and can often complete these checks in seconds compared to a human counterpart.

Another vital part of the puzzle is that AI is much better at ad-targeting than a human could be. AI is able to scan for keywords that have been used by the prospective player and direct ads towards them while they are browsing, offering enticing new offers.

Final thoughts

AI is here to stay and will play an increasingly bigger role in our lives. As the gambling industry grows, so will the use of AI to simplify tasks and speed up processes. Although AI offers a huge number of benefits, the human touch will always be present.

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