The Xbox Series could expand its family with a new portable console

Just a few months after completing its second year of life on the market, it seems that Microsoft is already considering a renewal of its next-generation Xbox Series consoles, although beyond an update of its current models, everything points to the company could venture into the handheld market for the first time.

Although this news is not a big surprise, being the subject of several rumors for a little over a year, recently these insinuations are gaining more strength after the announcement of the arrival of the Xbox xCloud service both to Samsung televisions and to Steam Deck. Thus, according to the latest statements by the journalist Jez Corden (widely related to the Microsoft console ecosystem) the already leaked “Project Edinburgh” could end up resulting in the first Xbox portable console.

Through Rand’s podcast to Thor 19 on YouTube, Corden has commented on some aspects of the progress and development of this project, pointing out that his long wait is due to the fact that Microsoft would have been creating and testing various prototypes for this portable console, exploring some iterations on the already standardized form factor of these devices. And it is that since the arrival of the Nintendo Switch 5 years ago, it seems that the “handheld” have become one of the new cornerstones of the video game sector.

On the other hand, no less remarkable, other possible key aspects for this console have also been discussed in this podcast, such as its name, pointing to baptize the new console as Xbox Series V, referring to a shell format. Finally, Corden has marked an approximate date for the arrival on the market of this portable console, with a somewhat long wait that could take us until 2025depending on the progress made in this first phase of creation.

What is not clear, however, is whether Microsoft will bet on a complete portable format or if it will opt for a hybrid console, as well as its possible specifications and capabilities, some details that will determine the price range of this console.

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