the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro at a 40% discount!

The Redmi activity bracelet

As you well know, the range redmi Xiaomi has ended up becoming independent over time from the famous Asian firm. Really, for the user, nothing has changed: we still have products with Xiaomi flavor at really low prices, and simply in view of its organizational position, we now find ourselves with an own brand instead of a “category” within the catalog of the Chinese firm -the same thing happens with POCOphone.

That means, as we said, that we continue to have products that we know and that perform incredibly well at tremendously competitive prices, something of which the Redmi Smart Band Pro is a clear example. This activity bracelet has a panel 1.47” AMOLED -its screen-to-body ratio is 66.7%-, with a brightness of 450 nits, and in which it is very easy to navigate and handle even in bright light conditions.

Water resistant to 50 meters (5 ATM rated), comes with support for more than 110 sports modes different that will help you track much more precisely the practice you do (and with them, the calories you burn, times, etc.). It does not forget to monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day, measure blood oxygen saturation and monitor your sleep while you rest.

It also boasts extra features such as monitoring stress levels or monitoring women’s health (menstrual period) and in terms of autonomy, its battery lasts up to 14 days with a single charge -although it will always depend on the more or less intensive use you give it, of course. It syncs with the Mi Fitness app, and is also compatible with Apple Health and Strava.

Redmi SmartBand Pro

On the wrist it is quite comfortable to wear, thanks to a bracelet of rubbery finish that is light and easy to put on and take off (as well as quite resistant, something important if you are going to use it during exercise).

A very sold bracelet and very good opinions that now drops to an even better price than it already has so that it does not cost you anything to buy it.

Almost at the minimum price on Amazon

As we pointed out, the official cost of the bracelet is in itself quite good (49.99 euros), but what do you think if we improve it with a discount of 40%?

That is just what Amazon Spain has done at the moment, thus offering the interesting model for only 29.99 euros. A fantastic opportunity to do with this activity bracelet that could be in your house tomorrow without any additional cost (if you are on Prime) and that, of course, Amazon itself ships and sells.

You’re already taking time to do with it before it goes back up in price.

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