These are the advantages if you use smart switches at home

How smart light switches work

We can say that smart light switches are devices that you will be able to control remotely. Its mission is to act in the same way as any switch you have at home, but with the advantage of being intelligent and automated. You will be able to control, without having to press them, when the electric current passes or not.

In this way, for example, you can decide when turn a light on or off no need to be at home. You can control them from your mobile phone. Through an application you will be able to manage its use in the same way as if you were to physically press a button. The main objective remains the same: turn off and turn on.

They will be connected at the same point as a traditional switch. You would only have to change them and that’s it. From there you can control them remotely, by voice or by application. It will also depend on the model, but they are generally similar and have those functions that we mentioned.

You can see some smart switch options:

Advantages of domotic light switches

But what advantages do home automation switches really have? Keep in mind that it is not the same as having a smart plug. They are different devices, although in both cases you can control the power on and off remotely, without having to be physically in the place.

A clear advantage is that you will be able to control them without having to physically press. You will be able to be away from home and activate the lights, turn them off, etc. You will be able to do all this from a mobile application, remote form.

you can also schedule it, and not just decide to turn it on or off at any given time. This can be useful even for home security. For example, if you are going to be away for several weeks, you may want to simulate a presence at home. You can program these smart switches to turn on your lights at certain times.

Undoubtedly another important advantage is that they can have motion sensors. Keep in mind that it will depend on the model, but many do have this function. For example, they can turn the light on simply by entering a room and turn it off when you leave. Very useful in a garage, a room that you use as a storage room, a corridor, etc.

Besides, you won’t have to change the light bulbs or use smart plugs. You will be able to continue using your same light bulbs, since what you simply change is the wall switch. It is an investment that is economical, if we compare it with other home automation processes that can be more expensive.

Therefore, as you can see, home automation can also mean installing smart switches. You can use them to control the lights on and off. Very useful in certain circumstances and also at a reduced price. Just make sure the Wi-Fi doesn’t drop out and works fine.

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