These are the new Windows 11 security measures that affect you

Maintaining security when using the computer and other devices is essential. For this reason, operating systems like those of Microsoft are constantly updating and releasing new improvements to increase protection. They have now detailed some security measures for Windows 11 that will help prevent the entry of intruders who may put our personal data at risk. We are going to show how they help us.

New Windows security features

One of the new security features coming to Windows 11 is a TPM-like security processor It serves to protect the system at startup. This allows the boot process to be safe and can block possible applications that could be a threat and are not verified.

This processor is known as Microsoft Pluto. It has an intelligent application control function to avoid running unsigned and potentially dangerous programs. For example, it will help increase protection against credential theft, for the authentication of users or controllers that may be vulnerable.

It also includes a smart app control. This will prevent running programs in Windows 11 that may be insecure and pose a major problem. To do this, it is based on Artificial Intelligence to determine if the new application that is going to be executed is safe or has something that makes the blocking convenient.

In addition, they have announced that the next version of Windows 11 will have a feature known as integrity of hypervisor-protected code (HVCI) and that it will be enabled by default. It will serve to guarantee that all the drivers used by the system are reliable and do not have malicious code. This will serve to reduce the risk of a hacker injecting malicious code and infecting the system with ransomware. In many cases they are based on vulnerable drivers.

System and cloud protection

From Microsoft they indicate that the objective of these new features and security improvements for Windows 11 is protect from system to cloud. They will increase the security of the processor, reduce the risk of having malicious drivers and expose the computer to attacks.

But this will also bring security improvements aimed at cloud. It is something that will benefit both home users as well as companies and organizations. We are increasingly using the cloud to store information, as well as remote access applications. It is essential to maintain good protection in this regard and not put personal data at risk. You should always improve remote desktop security.

All this makes it essential to always have the latest versions. Having Windows updated is essential to correct certain vulnerabilities that may appear, as well as to obtain important improvements to avoid cyber attacks and problems that expose our personal data.

Beyond having a good antivirus installed, it is equally important to keep the system and all its components up to date. This applies both to the operating system itself, and to any drivers you have installed. We have seen that they can be exploited by attackers and it is always a good idea to check everything correctly.

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