These are the reasons why you should keep your Facebook private

Social media can become a major privacy issue. Without you knowing it, they could be a source of information for anyone to know more about you, find out where you work, where you live, who you associate with… To avoid this, one option available to you is to make that account private. Therefore, in this article we will tell you the reasons to make your Facebook account private. It is simple and can be useful.

Although we are going to focus on FacebookSince it is the most popular social network, you could really apply the same to any other. As long as you have an Internet presence, you could run into privacy concerns if your information ends up in the wrong hands without your realizing it.

Reasons to make Facebook private

set up an account private social network, as is the case with Facebook, means that only your contacts will have access to the information. You are going to prevent anyone, simply by entering your profile, from seeing everything you have. It’s a way to protect your personal data and what you share.

Avoid personalized Phishing attacks

Yeah, make your facebook private can help protect you from personalized Phishing attacks. What can an attacker do? He could simply enter your profile, analyze your life a bit and in this way send you a more personalized email so that you fall into the trap and steal your password.

By making your account private, that option will not be available to the cybercriminal. He can attack you Phishing, but they will not be as successful because they are not so personalized. It is good for your own security on the Internet.

Brands used Phishing

You show information with whom you want

Another clear advantage is that you are only going to show information, photos or whatever, with the people you want. among your contacts you’re going to have friends and family, basically. They are going to be people that you want to be contacts, so all that content is going to be out of reach of others.

This gives you more freedom to put certain data. For example, imagine that you have been hired by a company and you want to put it on Facebook. This information will only reach your closest circle, the contacts you have in your profile.

It does not influence at work level

Could it hurt you job level have the facebook account open? It shouldn’t, but it is possible. For example, you could do a job interview and be searched on the Internet to find out more about you. Perhaps you have photos that should not be public or there is information related to companies where you have previously worked, associations to which you belong, political ideas, soccer team you follow… In a way, it could harm you.

Also, if you have your own business something like this could happen. You could lose customers who may see you differently based on the content you have on Facebook. Again, these are extreme cases but they could be there.

As you can see, making the Facebook account private has certain advantages. It is useful to prevent attacks, prevent information from leaking on the Internet and getting into the wrong hands, etc. It is a simple process, but it can result in something very important for your day-to-day online.

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