These are the seven finalists that will compete to represent Spain in the Global eAwards 2021

The Everis Foundation has recently released the seven companies, based on high-impact, innovative and sustainable technologies that improve the quality of life and / or solve environmental problems, finalists of the eAwards Spain 2021. These startups They will represent Spain in the Global eAwards2021.

The selection of the finalists has fallen on a jury of experts made up of referents of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and by executives of the main companies related to the sectors of the award: industry, health, environment and digital solutions. The seven finalist startups, chosen from a total of 645 applications received, are:

Industry sector

Checktobuild (Malaga). It offers an autonomous service for the control and inspection of construction projects through an artificial intelligence web platform. Its mission is to deal with excess budgets and delays in construction, industry and infrastructure, providing precision and intelligence. Its tool allows to automatically compare the state of the real project with the ideal or design state, so that deviations or inefficient patterns in the construction can be detected.

Ecustoms (Madrid). Online platform that facilitates the digitization of manual processes, especially related to procedures derived from international trade, using blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence. This system allows coordinating the information of the different operations carried out by the company, creating a single, distributed and synchronized, accessible and verifiable registry.

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Environment sector

Captoplastic (Madrid). Startup with the aim of remove microplastics, an emerging pollutant that puts human health and the ecosystem at risk. It is dedicated to research, development and commercialization of products and processes that allow quantifying and separating existing microplastics in aquatic environments such as marine water, wastewater, fresh water, food and drinking water, industrial water, etc.

Recirculate (Biscay). Active platform that connects companies that generate waste with others that use them as raw materials. In this way, companies can register and enter information on the waste they generate and its algorithm returns information on the existing opportunities for recovery or reuse for that waste.

Health sector

Sycai Medical (Barcelona). Digital assistant that helps radiologists to detect and classify lesions in the pancreas on CTs and MRIs with the aim of increasing the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in a non-invasive way and saving patients tests. The software, based on deep learning, analyzes the images, detects the lesions, reconstructs them in 3D, characterizes them and offers the radiologist a diagnosis and the estimated probability that they will progress to cancer in the future.

Airway Shield (Cantabria). First medical device for endotracheal intubation that offers protection for healthcare professionals and patients. Its objective is to improve the safety of endotracheal intubation for patients and healthcare personnel and its device reduces the risk of infection by respiratory germs (seasonal flu, SARS-CoV-2, MERS, respiratory syncytial virus, etc.)

Digital solutions sector

Yakk (Madrid). Its purpose is to change the current consumption pattern from buy-use-throw away to rent-use-reuse, in order to democratize access to any product and reduce the massive consumption of resources on the planet. In its online platform converges all the supply and demand for rental of any type of product, from audiovisual equipment, to sports equipment, through musical instruments, etc.

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