These DDR4 RAM kits are up to 47% off

It seems that the price of hardware, due to reduced demand and increased stock, is normalizing. We have found two very good offers of modules of DDR4 RAM, both Corsair and Kingston. These two RAM memory kits are now available with up to 47% discount.

First of all, we have the memory kit Kingston FURY Beast RGB 16GBwhich work at a frequency of 3200 MHz. Then we have the kit Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GBwhich also operates at a frequency of 3200 MHz. Both are two sets of memories of very good quality, ideal for gaming fans.

Kingston FURY Beast RGB 16GB; good pretty and cheap

One of the most important manufacturers in the RAM memory market is Kingston. The brand has a long history in the manufacture of this type of memories and recognition is plenty. These memories are completely with the Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processorsso we shouldn’t have any performance or performance issues.

East kit kingston is based on two 8 GB modules, which allow adding a total 16GB. These modules work together 3200MHz frequency with an lAttention CL16which we can say is the standard at these frequencies.

This kit offers us an RGB lighting system with different customizable lighting effects. To be able to personalize the lighting we have the FURY CTRL software or well we can use the one from the motherboard manufacturer. This is the great thing about Kingston kits, they are compatible with ASUS, Gigabyte and ASRock softwareamong others.

Another interesting aspect, as we have mentioned, is that they are compatible with Intel Cores and that they offer support for XMP profiles. In addition, they are compatible with AMD Ryzen processors, guaranteeing compatibility. These memories are installed and the BIOS directly configures them in the 3200 MHz profile for both processor manufacturers.

The good thing about these kits is that they are good, pretty and cheap. The design of the heatsink of these memories is very careful and guarantees the best performance of the memories.

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16 GB, for the most demanding

If we talk about ram memory manufacturers With prestige and years of experience, Corsair is another one of those great brands. The company is very demanding with its products, always seeking to offer the best possible quality. All the brand’s products are designed from scratch and with very complete quality controls.

The kit corsair It is characterized by having two modules of 8 GB each, to add a total 16GB. These modules work at a 3200MHz frequency and have a latency CL16. The 3200 MHz frequency has become the minimum standard for DDR4 modules.

For these reports, a Specific PCB for these memories, looking for the best signal quality. It has been optimized seeking to offer the best performance and stability. In addition, the memories have been carefully selected to offer the best overclocking capacity. And to efficiently dissipate heat, high-quality aluminum heatsinks have been created.

Corsair memories are characterized by being manageable from the software iCUE of the company. This application has recently undergone a major update that improves its capabilities and features.

Those who want a kit of RAM to play and also do a little overclocking, are ideal. They are modules of a very high quality, as we have commented.

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