These free Pokémon models will be your Christmas craft

As you surely know, the remakes of Pokémon Shiny Pearl and Shimmering Diamond they went on the market a few weeks ago. The reception of the two titles has been very uneven. On the one hand, the development of ILCA has managed to make a 1: 1 tracing of the original video games that came out in 2006. But, on the other hand, many players have criticized precisely that, that the narrative has not been investigated a little more and that a postgame at the height of these remakes, which was done with the reissue of Rubí y Zafiro. In the absence of the end of the Christmas period and The Pokémon Company does its numbers, they have prepared a small campaign great fun to give a little sales support to the game.

Create your own Dialga and Palkia out of paper

The Fourth generation Pokémon was the first to be released for the Nintendo DS, and unfortunately for many gamers, the last to be enjoyed on their consoles. This produces a great feeling of nostalgia in many players, and that is why Nintendo has published on its official website some plans to build two figures of papercraft of the mythical legendary Pokémon guardians of space and time, that is to say Dialga and Palkia.

The download can be done completely free. The set consists of a total of four files in PDF format: two for instructions, a 9-page file with Dialga’s plans and another with 13 for Palkia.

Looking through the instructions a bit, Dialga its alot easier to build than its Water / Dragon-type counterpart, as it requires only 78 steps compared to Palkia’s 114.

If you want to encourage yourself to build these crafts, the best thing to do is to make an impression on a paper a little thicker than usual (paper with a density between 160 and 220 gsm is recommended in the instructions). You will need an inkjet printer, scissors, and glue. If you don’t have a suitable printer, the best thing you can do is put the PDF file on a pendrive and go to a copy shop. Yes indeed, we do not recommend printing the instructions, since you will be able to follow the steps perfectly by uploading the file to your mobile or a tablet.

The Pokémon Company, a factory to create nostalgia

pokemon pearl diamond remake

The strategy that The Pokémon Company has taken with the Sinnoh remakes it is something that still fascinates many fans. Observing the strategy that has been taken, we assume that Game Freak was not willing to remake the titles, since, objectively speaking, they are relatively recent and hardly needed changes. Hence, the project has been delegated to a studio like ILCA.

What is very clear is that these two titles they are the last ones of the franchise capable of awakening that unique feeling of nostalgia in the players, and hence they want to squeeze it to the fullest even with small campaigns like what they have published with these cutouts. Hopefully Game Freak has many more successes in the future and that you bet like Pokémon Legends: Arceus become a new way to enjoy the pocket creatures that have been with us for all these years.

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